I love my Vandersteen's but . . . . . . . .

Over the last 35 years I have only owned Four different speaker brands . In the 70”s Radio shack ,In the 80’s ADS L-990's and Vandersteen 2ci , In the 90’s to present , Snell B’s and then back to Vandersteen 2ce sig’s .. You can see my current system here on Audiogon.. Do a search In virtual systems for Stumpies System ..This will give you a lot of info on my system.

Ok ,, Here is my question … I love the sound from my current system but there are times I wish I could get a little more volume out of it . Most of the time when I listen the Meters on the McIntosh amp are bouncing around the 40 watt area with “peaks” around 100 W . But there are times I wish I could turn it up some . If I try to turn the Vandersteen’s up the sound starts to get “compressed” ,, Instruments loose there air around them ,, everything gets thin sounding so I always turn it back down.
Is there a speaker out there that will play “bigger” in my small listening room ?
Speakers I have been considering are B&W N-804’s ,, Von schweikert VR4jr ,,, Green Mountain Audio ,, NHT .
I listen to all kinds of music . Light rock mostly . Eva Cassidy,,James Taylor,,James McMurtury,,Lyle Lovett,,Mark knopfler,,Bob James,,Larry Carlton,,Lee Ritenour ..

What to do ??? Any help would be appreciated ..
Since this seems to be a "praise the VR-4jr" thread I'll jump in. I owned the VR-4jrs and generally agree with what has been stated above. If there is one thing I can add about them it is that as the volume is turned up the character of the music out of the VR-4jr does not seem to change. It sounds the same as at moderate levels, only louder. It does not seem to compress, get harsh, or get distorted, just louder. In a way, it was a bad thing because at times I found myself listening at volume levels that were probably too high (as in hearing damage levels). These things sneak up on you that way ... and so did my wife when she was yelling at me to "TURN THE MUSIC DOWN!!!!". :-)

I think they will fit your requirement to "play bigger". Why not go audition them?

My 2's sound great. Until you turn up the volume to a level to rock out. Then they just fall apart. I tried everything. Nothing worked. I took them out. They have been retired.
I Have an update . I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before …

Back in July of 2001 I put together a 5.1 surround sound system in the family room. Anthem AVM-2 , Bryston amp ,, All Paradigm reference speakers . The two front speakers are reference studio 100’s v2 … This system is for movies / TV only ..

I just switched the Vandersteen’s into the surround system and the Paradigm’s in the two channel listening room . I’m amazed !! .. This is a big step in the right direction . More open and transparent , It’s like I lifted a curtain up that was in front of the soundstage. I listened for three hours last night and was amazed. This is going to be hard to believe but the Paradigm’s knocked the side wall’s down. The sound stage was much wider , higher , and deeper. I noticed the volume was down a notch from when the Vandersteen’s were in the system. The McIntosh meter’s were hanging around the 4 to 10 watt area with peaks in the 40 to 80 watt area. The SLP meter was bouncing around the 90 to 95 db area with a few peaks up to 103 db !!!! I couldn’t believe the dynamic’s !! There was absolutely no stress in the sound. I felt like I had plenty of “headroom” at all times. I know I could have turned it up more but I didn’t need to. Some of the CD’s I listened to was Jack Johnson’s “on and on” .. Norah Jones “come away with me” … Lyle Lovett “and his large band” also “Joshua judges Ruth” … Jenna Mammina “Meant to be” .. I have never heard these cd’s sound so good in my system ! The Paradigm’s flat disappear in the room ! The bass is so much better also ,, and goes way deeper ! The tonal balance is seamless from top to bottom ….Right now I have no negative thoughts at all (give me a month or two and im sure that will change) …

I do want to say this ,,,, I’m in no way trying to trash Vandersteen speakers . Many years ago I had a pair of 2ci’s with different equipment and most important a different room ( much bigger 25x17 ).. I had those Vandy’s singing !! Huge sound ! That is why I bought this pair unheard. I just can’t get this pair to “open up” with my current room / equipment.

This really makes me wonder what some of the above suggested speakers would sound like in my system ..

Another update !! …

I started this “post” last night but got to tired to finish it.. This morning I did finish it ( I thought ) and tried to post it but my ISP was down . So I went in to have another listen .... I put in Jenna Mannimina “Inner Smile” .. All I can say is I’m in audio heaven ! At this point I don’t think I will make any changes. I don’t know how many times I filled up with Goosebumps … I have NEVER had a system perform this good ….

Thanks again ,, Tom
I am sure this will cause some negative input but, I am going to say it anyway.
I won't go on about my decision to downsize. That is impossible to defend. But I will tell you this. I am using a stacked pair of Advents right now. I love this sound. I listen to 70's rock 99% of the time. For me, this is the answer.
If you want the fastest improvement, simply move your listening position to 5-8 feet from the speakers.

You may also find other sonic improvements too.

If you already sit nearfeild, then other measures are in order.