I love my analysis plus but...

Apparently, these Very Expensive cables are actually simple to duplicate and made with relatively inexpensive materials, his video says.

He's up to 2k views, and that's not a small audience.

Thank heavens someone is generous enough to warn the people.



I can’t believe these $2k+ cables don’t even use a Teflon dielectric.  Inexcusable IMHO.  I’ll take my Acoustic Zen Double Barrel shotgun cables over these any day (and I did).  I tried the Oval 8 in my system years ago and found it a bit dull and lifeless, like it needed an infusion of silver in there somewhere so I rejected it just on sound quality/synergy alone.  This video makes me even even happier I let them go.  

This guys a joke.  Just goes to show anyone can sell cables or critique them?  What's new.  Sorry I wasted 5 minutes watching.

Thanks hilde45.  I’m sure there’s a lot more where this came from.  Lol.