i love music espcialy coming fron a turtable,

just got the clear audio jubilee 25th,

now I have to buy a phono stage cos the 1 I have on my pre is not good enough, I don't understand how the Sutherland 20/20 has wonderful reviews and cost 2000$, FOR EXAMPEL, and the lamm p2 has wonderful reviews and cost 7000$.
I cant here them down here to understand the different,
can some 1 explain what is the different that cost the extra 5000$ and sometimes more?
I know it might sound a stupid Q
Nice spelling and punctuation.
C'mon, looks like OP is a non-native English speaker. How about we help instead of criticize?

As with all audio equipment there are diminishing returns as you move up in price. But with a phono stage, as you move up in price, you are usually looking at lower noise, greate detail, more extension at the frequency extremes, and better soundstaging. Or some combo of these things. And maybe some additional features (ability to accommodate multiple arms, mono button, more loading options, etc). Reviews will give you an idea of where one phono stage particularly excels, and often give an idea of what you gain as you move up in price.

Unfortunately, whether or not the difference is worth it really comes down to listening and deciding for yourself, according to your budget. As well as whether the rest of your equipment is up to the task of revealing these differences.
Hi Moti,
Your English is OK better than my Parsi(?)

the Sutherland is better than the Lamm I've heard both and that is my vote!

Vladimir Lamm is riding the Audiofile ego crest-- you don't need that.