I lost my remote for my Teac/Esoteric 700 tranport

Does anybody out there know of a cheap remote that will work with my Teac/Esoteric 700 transport???? HELP!!!
See if you can borrow one and get a cheap learning remote. Otherwise if you can get Esoteric to tell you whose codes they use. A lot of manufactures use the Pioneer transport and use the same remote. I have an Ayre and the remote code is the same as a Dv47a. And just as thought...did you look behind the couch?
www.remotecentral.com - check if you can download the codes from their site for one of the learning remotes.
Teac/Esoteric makes its own transports which are also used in most Wadia gear. I've noticed that Teac seems to use the same remote codes across transport models.

If you can borrow a remote from a Wadia product using a Teac transport (WT2000, 7, 86x, 85x, 270 among others) you'll likely find it operates most of your transport functions. This also holds true for later Teac products.

You can use the borrowed remote to program a universal remote.
I was ony aware of teh DV50 and DV50s which use the Pioneer Transport per a tech at Esoteric. He did tell me that the DV60 which will be out in the fall will have a all Esoteric transport. He told me that they can not modify the Pioneer transport any further than they have.
I stand corrected on the Teac/Esoteric 700, just an assumption.
Logitech has ''web programmed'' remotes that they claim can be compatible with over 2,000 units - see if your machine is on their list...
Soniqmike: totally forgot about that..my logitech ht remote even has my EAD equipment, my scaler and my Momitsu DVD player... and it is really easy to setup.

Go that route...