I'll never listen to another record...

...without cleaning it first.

Admittedly I've been very lazy in my pursuit of cleaning LPs - both old and new. Setting with dry brush cleaning only for decades.

Enter my new Loricraft PRC3. I've begun the daunting and arduous process of cleaning "every single LP" (worth cleaning of course - those 30+ year old teen year LPs are now being rounded up and put to the side - usually with deep scratches, beer stained covers and gatefolds with a "leafy" substance caught in the folds) in my collection. Starting with my favorites and what I consider audiophile recorded records first.

It's also starting another long put off task I've been avoiding for the better part of forty years: cataloging my collection. Cleaned records are now put into a spreadsheet and as if starting all over - these are the only records I'll put on the turntable. Forcing me to catalog them all. It's going to take some time tobesure. Periodically I'll save the list as a PDF and upload to my Android phone so that when I'm in the record stores browsing the record bins I'll be able to find out if I have the vinyl already.

Apart from what those with RCMs already know - the sonic benefits of a clean record and a sparkling clean stylus are extraordinary. Better late then never I suppose....
I can't speak to how well you have cared for your records, but it is not required that you clean every record merely due to the fact of its age. I've got records from the 1970's and 1980's that sound fine without cleaning. On the other hand, there are records that I have that did need to be cleaned; and there are a few records that I have that I bought when I was in high school (when I *definitely* was not taking care of my records), which definitely needed to be cleaned, and while it improved the sound of the records, the fact still remained that the lack of care did impact the sound quality of those records.
Agreed. But as a rule, I clean every used record I buy regardless of how pristine it may look. I think I cleaned most all of my collection ten years ago or more. I read somewhere that the sound doesn't get sucked from the vinyl surface during cleaning. :)
Get yourself some MFSL original master sleeves to put them in after you clean them. Your old paper sleeves will add dust to them as soon as you re-insert them. The MFSL are anti-static as well. That's what I do with mine. Save any original sleeves that have notes on them. Just slide them in next to the MFSL sleeve for future viewing pleasure.
Most of my old records I'm re-buying when I come across them when hunting for vinyl, as my care was mainly the Discwasher D4 system back in the day and I never cleaned the stylus'.

On new vinyl removing the mold release agent has been a real eye opener...

Abuck - I hear ya. I've been storing all my prized records in Discwasher VRP sleeve's (until they stopped production) then switched to Diskeeper Ultimate Audiophile Inner Sleeve's from Sleeve City. I prefer these over Mo-Fi's because Mo-fi's are flimsy and too big to fit inside most printed inner sleeves or card stock that often come with records. In some cases they dont even fit in the outer sleeve's! The only thing they have going for them are the marking's (arrows) that tell you where the opening is. SC now has new inner sleeves I'm using: Diskeeper Double Audiophile Inner Sleeves.
Best ever........
Notec, checking your list while you are in the record store to make sure you don't buy a duplicate is a surefire sign that you already have more records than you can listen to. I'll take your advice and take my list with me too. I have several lp's that I have two and three copies of. A list would have saved me a few hundred bucks over the last forty years.
Notec, glad you've discovered the benefits of hygiene! Better late than never, as you said. ;-)

I'll respectfully disagree with the proposition that some records don't need cleaning. All records, old or new, benefit from cleaning.

One of the many ways to inadequately care for an LP is to play it uncleaned. Guess what happens when you scrape dirt along a plastic surface using a sharp diamond blade under pressure? Whether one hears the resulting damage depends on one's system and ears, but the damage is being done regardless.

Notec, search this forum for Loricraft and you'll find many tips and suggestions for getting the most from this excellent machine. Enjoy your newly unmasked music!
Notec, congrats on your Loricraft PRC3 I actually just recieved my new PRC4 the other day as well and I'm very happy.

As per what Dougdeacon mentioned above it's true and if you read other posts you will see he has allot of great info. to contrubute but in the end it's your choice. After what I exspearienced first hand using my Loricraft I gotta say I won't be dropping my stylus down again on any of my records unless they have been cleaned first, why would I want to chance of abusing my stylus and/or cause any unessary damage and/or wear to the record, can't turn the clock back once done.

If you like the record then duplicates are your friend. More copies to average the wear and tear with. I am using Catraxx to catalog my collection now since I cant remember whether I have a copy of something or not since I havent listened to all my records yet. It will be nice to have a list to travel with.
In the last 3 years these RCM's started to move on the fast lane. I remember well, not so much was here, even at Audiogon. Same with fluids btw. Of course, some had a VPI unit, but more or less owning a RCM (one of the more expensive ones) was a bit exotic.
Now, lots of readers here are more and more interested, even in different working designs (Slot removal-VPI, Hannl & others, Point nozzle removal-Monks, Loricraft, Odyssey or now the latest Ultrasonic- Glaess) plus using a wide range of different fluids, regular cleaners, Enzymes, multi step solutions
and all owners have one in common:
All are happy, no way back, no matter what they have.
Everything is better than doing nothing. And it makes sense. The analog reproduction is mechanical and to take care that the record is in better (or best) condition gives everyone at once the feedback.
Audiogon has imo the best real information about them, because here are users who have all, what the market offers, linked with a healthy fun to do experiments and are not afraid to hear differences or write something which is for one or the other a problem.But, this is something, which moves us all forward. At the end of the day.
Happy listening.
Great post, Syntax.

Everything is better than doing nothing. And it makes sense. The analog reproduction is mechanical and to take care that the record is in better (or best) condition gives everyone at once the feedback.
Good summary.

Posts here on aGon wrt pre-purchase RCM choices were key. Loads of helpful information that helped me make my decision.

It's a little daunting - having now cleaned 15 LPs with approx 1500 to go... but the results are stunning and all the motivation I need to keep going. It's a glacial pace but well worth the investment in time. It's like building a new collection again!

Since the machine's arrival, I'm looking at used vinyl with a *much more* critical eye now. As I dont want to waste time and fluid on non-revivalable disc's (developing a keen eye is a whole 'nother skill altogether). Just another dimension to the hobby that will either deepen your passion or move it away.

Guess I know what ask for at xmas every year: cleaning fluids!

Mitch4t, true that - "I have more records than I can listen to" but what a fabulous predicament to be in ;-)

Stl114_nj, I have many duplicates and agree with your assessment; deliberately buying two of favorites hoping for the perfect sound forever. In most cases the same records from the same pressing have different sound qualities (hey one can only hope for the first pressing from the first mother/first stamper)...

Dougdeacon & Dev, you guys helped me alot in choosing the Loricraft. Cheers!
You guys are going to make me breakdown. ;-0
Notec, I see that you have a DAC but I don't see a digital source in your system. What do you use to play digital music?
Mitch4t, I stream flac thru a squeezebox duet to my Havana. 'S ok. Not a big fan of this setup - music at your finger tips has it's advantages tho....
The Havana on the other hand is glorious....