I'll have a Britney with that Taco.

There is an Investment Banker in Atlanta named Jeff Arnold who started WebMD. He has a new idea that looks like has legs. It’s called LidRock. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “The Company embeds CD’s in the lids of softdrinks at movie theaters, convenience stores and fast-food restaurants. Starting next month, mall fast-food chain Sbarro will start a Britney Spears promotion. For 80 cents extra, consumers can get a drink with a CD featuring Spears newest single, a video of Spears and Madonna, and a coupon for $2 off Spears’ entire album at Sam Goody.” He also wants to revolutionize the DVD rental business. “He’s got ideas about distributing movies on lids, using technology that makes the discs worthless 48 hours after being exposed to air. Consumers would like that better than renting because they wouldn’t have to return anything, he says.”
I’ll have a Cheeseburger, Fries, a Coke, mmmm, a Kill Bill, and a Kid Rock on my LidRock.
Sounds like someone is going to make a LOT of money because they know how to market products that are both convenient and reasonably priced. Now all we have to worry about is whether Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, etc... works best to treat the discs prior to playing : ) Sean
Great. More trash in the landfill. Any company that introduces another limited-duration product (such as the expiring DVD you mentioned) in our modern day and age should be required to have some sort of environmental plan in place, including use of reusable/recyclable materials, and provisions for recycling the products they create. I wonder if they've thought about this and incorporated these concerns? It would make me feel alot better about the idea.
I could care less about movies in my soda lids, but I would very much like to sign up for a Britney taco.
That's a good point Mwilson. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I don't know how i overlooked that, as i am an avid "recycler". Glad these forums provide a public "check & balance" via open participation. Sean
No worse than the Disney self-destructing dvd "rentals". I'm amazed they were permitted to bring that to market. I can only hope the public snubs that product.
I think this is going to be huge. Picture a carload full of kids and a parent trying to make a decision about what drive thru to go thru... Britney at McDonalds, Christina at Burger King, different songs on different lids and you get the picture. This idea also transcends age, everyone from 9 to 90 would be interested in popping a new song in the CD player.
Regarding environmental concerns... I would argue that a DVD isn't that much more environmentally damaging than the existing plastic lid. And unlike a plastic lid which most surely ends up in the trash, a DVD which makes it to the consumers home would be more likely to get recycled.
The "lid-rock" crap has been in various New York city movie theaters for a couple of months now. Pretty sure that the first one offered was a track from Elvis. Ah, marketing.

Reminds me of a friend who always used to ask people at what price it would become worth it to lease, say, 25% of the night sky to advertising. So, assume it's a public resource, how about Coke is willing to pay $5 billion towards AIDS research for night sky leasing rights? $10 billion? $100? Is there a price? A cause? Personally, makes me wish I lived under a rock as often as not....
Mezmo, your comparing the sky with the lid of a soda?
Am I the only one who remembers Divx?
I second the desire for a Britney Taco. I'm just afraid Madonna may be first in line.
Hold the sour cream
YOW !!! This place is looking more like AA than Agon with responses like these : ) Sean
Naw, just a riff on the old "sky's the limit" adage. It aint, you know....
Sean, I take full responsibility. I should have known better than to start this thread with the words Britney and Taco in the same sentence.
Lokie: I'm not touching that ( even though i'd like to ) Sean

: )
always did enjoy tuna tacos. (bait was too good)
I prefer a "furry burrito"...)sorry lads