i-link or Denon link ??Which link is the better on

Did anybody compared between the two connections i-link or Denon link ??(when connecting a DVD player with the AV-amp)
Which link is the better one ?? or is there audible difference ?
I would argue there should be no audible difference. But I can only comment on Optical, Coax, and Denon-link, of which Denon-link is easily the best connector by my ears. But why would you bother with the Denon-link if you can use an i-link? The best sound comes from processing the bits in your receiver, and the only way to get the SACD (DSD) bits is with an i-link.
I don't think that Denon-link (despite months of delays) is yet appoved to pass SACD. For now, it is DVD-A only...