I like my Peachtree Nova300 more than my new (to me) Pass XA30.5 HELP!

I recently acquired a Pass XA30.5.  I have a LTA MZ2 on order to match with it, but in the meantime, I hooked it up to the preamp section of my Peachtree Nova300 using SE inputs/outputs.  I have Tekton Electron SE speakers and a Cambridge Audio CXC transport.  I found the sound of the Pass to be wooly, rolled off on the highs and not as clear or articulate as the Peachtree as an integrated.  There was a richness and liquidity to the sound but I lost detail and fidelity.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is the preamp section in the Peachtree not a good match with the Pass amp?  Is using the SE outputs severely compromising the SQ? I've read so many great things about the Pass XA30.5 and though it sounded good, I was kind of disappointed.  There was a trade-off with the Peachtree that I don't think I'm willing to make.  Anyone have any pointers or thoughts?

adam8179 OP
It’s not that the highs aren’t there, it’s just a crispness that’s different and may be a characteristic of class-D

I think it could be explained better that the highs from the Pass XA30.5 would wash over you with it’s detailed sound without drawing attention to it self, rather than being fired directly at you from the tweeters with the Class-D. One makes the tweeters disappear the other doesn’t. That’s what linear Class-A does when it’s doing it right. .
Good to see it worked out, like Almarg and I both said you must have had either a faulty XA30.5 or it was something in the setup.

Cheers George
Very pleased this thread got revived with a great outcome to report!!!
I am very close to pull the trigger on the MZ2 to drive my Aeon 2 C, Sony Z1R and Senn HD58x. Ive never used tubes my system but Ive heard nothing but great reviews on the LTA. Additionally, I think i will use it as a Preamp with my PS audio stellar dac and amp and ATC bookshelves.