I like my music systems like I like my baths ...

warm, relaxing, with no distractions.

I try to always respect that each of us buys for pleasure, and culture, and we have different goals in mind, so I thought it might be time for me to share what I actually try to get. You don't have to agree with me, it is your wallet and time and joy. I just want you all to know where I'm coming from.

In particular, I like buttery smooth responses, sometimes a bit warm. So I liked the Parasound A21's when I had them. I _need_ good room acoustics to be able to spend time with a system. Other audiophiles are able to filter out the room and they literally don't know they are doing it. They can hear through the hash of the room without skipping a beat. This makes audio shows a living nightmare for me, and a conundrum to try to share with others.

So my latest rig:
  • Raspberry Pi running PiCore player
  • Mytek Brooklyn (original)
  • Luxman 507ux
  • GIK Acoustics - 5 wall panels, 2 soffit traps
  • Custom speakers (see link)

Anyway, this is not a post where I try to convince you of anything, just thought it would be good to re-introduce myself so you all know where I'm coming from. Please feel free to share and ask questions, with the understanding I'm going to ignore non-constructive posts.
Like the speakers Eric.
One day I may try my hand, one day.....

And having owned the original Brooklyn as well. I would say a fine choice of DAC that can still hold its head high among a sea of dacs.
Thanks for the kind words, @uberwaltz
I enjoy that type of sound too.I'm fortunate to have inherited an old Telefunken radio that is wonderfully warm and lush when I need a fix.But I love my Led Zeppelin too on my warmish but more dynamic regular system.I'm sure your music sounds great and I do like it's simplicity:-)
Thanks for sharing this Erik. I see those drivers in a lot of well respected speakers. Very nice!
Thanks, @boxer12 !

Truth is I could not afford these speakers if I had to buy from the store. I'm fortunate enough to have a background in audio engineering and that the tools I needed have plummeted in price and availability to the "average joe."

I also was very fortunate to have met Speaker Doctor before he passed away who gave me excellent advice on driver and crossover selection.

What I can do now and what I have accomplished is thanks to incredible generosity from real audio engineers, experienced hobbyists and those who have pushed the cost of precision tools down.
I am very grateful to them.


Cool system. I bet it sounds phenomenal.
 Buttery smooth,that is a great description by the OP as exactly as I thrive for in my system setup. Enjoy the music.
Hey there @helomech ,

Between making my own speakers, and buying the Luxman at half off, I have put together a system far beyond my actual means. I feel very lucky.


I like my women like my showers.....hot.
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Thanks @teo_audio

I've cleaned them up.
Did you have the cabinets built by Taylor Speakers, like the ones in the link?

hey @helomech
I absolutely did. Those are his cabinets. My parts and crossover. :)
watch out for the bath salts, that is...if we all remember the one given under the overpass freeway story...
What type of wiring are you using?
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