I like my Absolute Power Cords

I can tell a big difference in detail and resolution over my stock ones. I'm glad I bought them.
I'm glad you like them, too.
I hope I don't spit up. Another one?
Have you heard them Chstob?
Yes,I have heard them through testimony from:

the seller, from the sellers agents, from IRS agents, from satisfied customers, from customers that were not so satisfied, from customers indifferent, from blue people, from tall people, from friendly people, from dorky people, from audiophiles, from pedophiles, from people using them on computer equipment, from people using them as jumper cables on their cars, from cowboys using them as lassos, from chesky records, from NASA launching the space shuttle with them, from 100 others I can't remember, and now from you two, one of you for the 7th time, in the 10 other threads on this very subject, day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day, on this website that should be renamed ABSOLUTEGON.
And the other Absolute has such a wonderful ad campaign. I am breaking in one of the cords right now and will post at a later date (after we've done it:-). As usual Pete beat me to it.
Hey Chstob, i did a bad thing. a very bad thing. regardless of how frustrated i may be from hearing these absolute pitchmen try to pick our pockets with a new post every day it still doesn't give me the right to do what i did. it was a very bad thing. now, if i may ask for some advice from the audiogon crowd: how do you remove several absolute power cords from the asses of a couple of overly enthusiastic audiophiles?
Plug them in?
FINALLY! that's a classic, once bitten! big smile over here.
Right on. Wouldn't get the job done around here though, I'm afraid.
Mr khan, BTW, I agree that is a horrible thing you did. But I forgive you for what you did. Hopefully, others will forgive you too. I know you will feel much better about yourself if YOU can forgive you. Hope this helps, you sound pretty down in the dumps. All the best toward a short and complete rehabilitation.
I tried them and I have to say I'm convinced. My skin has cleared up, I've lost 20 pounds, my hair has stopped receding, the gray is gone, my cat has stopped shedding, and I can now play the violin. Thanks Absolute Power Cords!
HAHAHA.... Now THAT was a testimonial courtesy of Kjg. Sean