I Like DVA-A Over SACD, ....and You?

Too much in gear to go down that path. For my taste DVD-A sounds more analog and SACD sounds like very good digital...

And your thoughts?
Of available new source material goes I think your correct, but somehow I just cant get away from vinyl.
Yes, Vinyl is still the mark to aim for. Damn, since cassette the focus has been convenience rather than sonic ability.
Have you tried Blu-Ray audio or HD-DTS Master audio? If so what are your impressions?
I think it depends on the recording. I like both, but more SACDS since they offered more titles that I wanted. I will say this all DVD-A releases sound excellent and I have had a few SACD releases that probably sounded the same in redbook.
Let's remember that this comparison is going to be heavily affected by the DVD-A and SACD players that you're using to make the comparison. And even with universal players, it's likely that the same manufacturer might do a better job with one or the other format. So I think it's really hard to judge which format is better.

I have a Linn Akkurate player (basically the same at their Unidisk 1.1 w/o the video section) and before that a Linn Unidisk 2.1 (which sounded great but was unreliable supposedly due in large part to difficulties integrating the video section). In both of these players, I do agree that some DVD-As sound better to me than some SACDs, but I haven't done more than a couple direct comparisons. My general sense is that the DVD-As often have more detail but the SACD have a more relaxed and natural sounds. Whether this is due to the way the 2 sections of the player are implemented or to differences inherent in the 2 formats seems impossible to say.

Perhaps this is the Hell that us audiophiles are doomed to? It is kinda like FM vs. FM HD....just got a HD tuner and yes there is much difference in amount of info/detail offered...but is it more sonically natural?....still working on that one.

But, of course, sonic quality has lost out to convienence formats, ala: remember cassettes?

And yes, the DVD-A vs. SACD is like everything, depends on so much to do with the recording, mastering and more. Such a great hobby...until you get into the "audiophile" end of the spectrum. Audio insanity is not a viable legal defense!
Many players sound better with DVD-A , but I don't feel the format is better than SACD .
Thanks to all for your input.