I lied to my wife about the price of Stax 009S headphone

My wife is the youngest of my mom in law who is 88 years old.

Recently my wife is staying with her mom to take care  expecting her mom can live just one more year or so.

Thus I am having happy life playing music loud even during midnight.

My house is seated on 2 acre lot so that my neighbors does not get bothered unless windows open wide.

My wife dropped at home yesterday ( She drop once a week to clean the messy kitchen while she is away.  She is an angel Ha ha).

She happened to see my new headphone of Stax 009S headphone and asked its price.

I could tell her the real value ( new price 4,500$ and I got 4 months used one for 3,200$).

I did not mean to deceive her but answered it costs me 1,500$ by chance.

Then she had listened to K-Pop using both  Stax 009S headphone driven by Carbon amplifier and Massdrop  Empire Zeus IEM( I told her the real value as 1,000$ No lie here Hehe).

The source was  Cocktail Audio X30 music server feeding  Chord Dave and Mscaler ( I did not tell her how much Chord Dave and Mscaler cost, if she find out, I may have to buy her diamond necklace)

On first few songs, she prefer  Empire Zeus IEM  to  Stax 009S headphone on lively sound of the former.

But after listening few more songs, she expressed that  Stax 009S headphone sounds more natural than  Empire Zeus IEM .

Whew if I had told her that I had spent 3200$ on headphone, I may have to go out to buy her something like expensive bag or clothing.

Reality is I had also spent additional 3300$ on  KGSSHV Carbon headphone amplifier.

How many of your audiophile had lied to your wife or girlfriend about the cost of audio components?

I guess 98% from my 41 years of audio history.

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please keep your personal sexist comments to yourself

@allhifi, you may have misread my comment.  It was intended to be the diametric opposite of sexist.  Reading my post as a whole, and taking into account the comments by others to whom I gave a +1 in that post, should have made that clear.

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From the tone of your posts, one could make a good argument for suggesting that it might be yourself who should
 " give it a rest"

Just sayin' .......
😂 This thread 😂 
I’m crying lol, so many downright crooked opinions expressed regarding spouses...
But then with a single new post, the morality of the thread is redeemed! 

I’m not married, so I’ll sit my opinions out on this one

My ex wife thought everything was $500........   girlfriend doesn't care, although she thought $500 was silly for headphones...until she put them on
I should ad that most if not all of my audio gear is and was always paid for by selling, bartering, trading, side money.... i never charged one item and never pulled money out of family savings to fund hobby.   Now I'm single,  but I still try to be diciplined and will only buy with cash, never credit.