orgasms?  Well, alright then.

Interesting article, thanks for posting.

I noticed that they have a photo of a vinyl LP playing to accompany the article.
I'm not trying to start another digital/analog debate though.
" Somewhere between a half to two-thirds of the population have this reaction, yet scientists have long debated why."

It's when someone goes out and buys some really expensive cables and they didn't perform as expected. Cold chills every time.

thanks for the post knownothing. 
Interesting. I have only gotten "chills" from live music, and never goosebumps. However, I occasionally get a dopamine flood, from certain recordings, if it's turned up loud enough.

It's like someone has slapped you in the face and said "Pay  attention!"

“Although it is worth knowing that musical ‘chills’ are neurologically akin to the responses invoked by sex or drugs, an approach that cannot distinguish Bach from barbiturates is surely limited.”

Ya gotta read the Whole Article, y'all....;)  That, and I've yet to experience 'chills' from 'sex 'n drugs 'n rock 'n roll'.,,,

Now, 'chillin' with the those 3, either, or, or all, Yes. *S*

Other responses can and have ranged from clinical depression through various sorts of manic levity, but 'chillls'?


Temp of the listening room....A/C coming on....flu onset....subconscious weighing in on the house note being due....imminent arrival of mother-in-law or other 'family members'.....*insert your terror here*....*L* 
If you get chills from Coldplay, which the article referenced, your brain is definitely different.