I knew room treatments were in my future.

For those of you that have been following my posts. I bought a new house, leaving my great 24' square listening room of 36 years. The best prospect is the basement room 12'x 18'. Home for my new Hegel H390. Thick carpet, concrete block on the end wall and one 18' side. The other side is 2x4 construction with paneling. 
My dealer said he can help with treatments. 
Bryston A2 wired speakers. 
My best guess is placing my speakers from the 12' wall towards the 18' end. 
Thanks for any suggestions.
GIK suggestion is good.  Know why they test flight airplanes?  Because you never know until it’s real.  Good starting point, but then you will need to start experimenting for YOUR system and YOUR ears.  Enjoy the ride.
Stillpoint Apatures get 4 ASAP for the best sound.
In my last house I used ASC tube traps. When I moved and built my current room I went with Real Traps. Both rooms are located in the basement and are basically the same size. 
I was able to try both in my current room and sold the ASC traps. The soundstage was much better with the Real Traps.

@golden210,Your new room is not small. I would call it medium. I am in a similar situation as you are - room in the basement with 2 solid concrete walls and 2, 2X4 walls with double drywall (on each side) glued together with Green Glue acoustic compound. This minimizes the sound leaks. I use GIK treatments in my room. The A2 seems front ported, which should be fine in that space you have. The tri-traps in the corners will help tame the bass.
Good luck.
Asc tube traps , recommend them without hesitation. Send them pics of your room , your equipment and your flavor in music . They will tune the room for your flavor/taste . I recommend Jordan he is super helpful .