I just went to put in a $4.00 add and now I have to give my whole financial history.....

.......what the heck ? I am not putting my personal account information on this site  ...bad enough they take a % of what you sell YOUR equipment for ........but now also telling me how I have to pay for it and how the buyer has to pay for ......well. .I get it that is some cases it is safer....but I have done a lot of sales just by a personal check. I just want to post a cheap $4.00 add.......unbelievable.  Pay-Pal what a rip off that is !
Users are not permitted control of these things because they're "users" and not "customers."  I was more irritated with the incorrect UPS shipping charge calculation on a recent sale.  The app seems based on commercial location delivery, not residential which costs quite a bit more.  Pulled an extra $12 out of my earning.  Will keep that in mind next time.

There are other options, Audiogon is not a monopoly. I use US Audiomart and Audio Asylum Trader.
The traffic isn't as heavy as here, but the stuff does sell, and I don't notice as many tire-kickers or lowballers either.
Thanks John ..... and I have been looking into US Audiomart. I am still furious over Audiogon charging / taking a % of what YOU sold your equipment for. I will look into and thanks.    
Audiogon is the best for selling i find no problem.
 I find no problem with a 2% selling fee on Audiogon. It's Ebay's fees that I find outrageous.

And btw, US Audiomart is becoming more widely known. I've had good results.
I don't know why but, I have loyalty to Audiogon and always list items first there. But, recently I added the item to US Audiomart  and sold the item on US Audiomart fairly quickly.
What is an 'add' ? Do you mean 'ad' as in advert? Or do you mean Attention Deficit Disorder? 

Dude - if you can't swing $4, you're in the wrong hobby. 
Posting your gear for sale on this website is in no way mandatory. If you don't like it, feel free not to use it. 
I thought it wasn't "Free". TeeHee
Hello Scott_W .......I do not understand your response. What that an attempt at humor and not being able to add any comments of any substance ? Thought so.....Also, Mr.therobert ...with two posts ......you both missed my what I was saying. I was trying to sell something here and it once again has changed ...and after 16 years on this site......I kind of have a good on idea on how and what to sell here so thank you for your assistance but I was just surprised to see I had to enter my life's financial story....just to post a quick add. I also can swing $4 ......Dude ?       
......Ozzy and John ......thanks I am looking at US AudioMart as a possible alternative. I too feel a level of comfort here on Audiogon  but it is just getting more and more expensive just to sell anything here    
USAudiomart is a very viable alternative to this site, traffic not as heavy as here, but you all can change that :-)  Ads there are free and if everyone lists there traffic undoubtedly would be better.

Good Listening 


A  $4.00 listing fee and 2% final selling fee is too expensive? Seems  reasonable to me! You best go to CL and have a bunch of tire kickers knockin' at your door!
I have ads on Usaudiomart as well and sold one item that was hard to sell due to it’s uniqueness (Burson Integrated) within a few months and have yet to sell another because I won’t risk damage to it from shipping (Tonian Labs speakers), though I’ve had several offers on them.
Your gear will move there, though not as fast as here. It’s free and up to you as to how to sell.

I just had an offer from A’gon for a free basic listing and with the option for credit cards, I just may look into it. It’s just that I don’t want to divulge anything more about me than I want to yet another site. I've never had a problem with my financial info on any site I've bought from which entails the info needed here to do the same yet I loath setting up another account.

All the best,
Nonoise - that's exactly what  was getting at. I was not complaining
about the $4.00 add as some have for whatever reason interpreted
my thread as......but then you throw in 2% on an expensive piece and shipping is always tough.......most of what you wanted to sell you gear at is now been cut into. I am just careful of putting my financial information on another site .......I just want to post an add for something small for $4.00 ...and be done with it  
Garebear- I hear you. The fact that my speakers aren't moving may compel me to just bite the bullet and list them here. I really don't need the money (no jokes please) as I've had these listed for about a year and a half and have gotten used to them sitting where they are but I'd like to get them to someone who'd appreciate them.

It helps that I've been in contact with Tony Manasian (who made them) so he's on the lookout for anyone in the L.A. area who still wants one of his designs.

If I were you, I'd try Usaudiomart first and give it some time as their listings are growing but things seem to be moving at a good pace. After that, try here. Believe me when I say that some time after the sale, you're going to wish you did it earlier. :-)

All the best,
Thanks nonoise and good luck on your sale  .....I have been a member here for 16 years and I can say ; I remember  the good ol' days of Audiogon. I realize that things change at such an incredible
speed anymore .....  it has now tuned onto how low will the buyer go and can I sell it for a profitable as opposed a site for audiophiles who want to trade up and try new equipment. Or the thread trolls who offer nothing to a legitimate question you have asked.  
I remember ebay's early days when you could send and take a check, and the fees were reasonable by my standards. Audiogon fees are reasonable by my standards too, but giving out personal information is a different matter. But what should we expect?  US Audiomart will likely become similar in time, switching there is not a solution. Stop buying and selling anything here, anyone. That would give them thinking on the subject.