I just sold my cd player what should i get?

I just sold my Arcam Alpha6 cd player and now i need a new one .My budget is approx.2500Cdn.I am considering the Linn Genki,Musical Fidelity 3.2,and a Naim 3.5(?).My system consists of a Linn LP12(valhalla)with an akito arm and Troika cartridge.Amp is a Classe Ten,pre-amp is Classe four.speakers are Castle Howards bi-wired with Linn K400 cable.tape deck is a Nakamichi LX5.Interconnects are mainly Transparent Super and the power cords are mostly Wireworld Stratus. I listen to rock and roll, blues, and country stuff like the Flying Burrito bros.I'd like to hear your opinions. Thanks
I guess you could call the Linn a record player.(LOL)
My mistake, forgive me.
Carin Fog at $1695.00 US Dollars This player puts to shame many higher end players.
Hi Dave,

I would second the Obsession II cd player. I had an Arcam 72T that I sold when I upgraded. You still have the detail and it is more analogue sounding so you can listen to more cd's instead of your reference ones. If you would like more info, just e-mail me.
Lots of great choices listed above. I just want to add that I've owned the Genki for a few years, and it never really worked for me (perhaps a bad match for my system). However, I recently purchased a used Naim CD5 ($2500 CAN) and absolutely love it. Even if I upgrade, I don't think I'll ever sell this player. Note that I'm not a Naim freak, I hate the DIN connectors, and the stupid puck. But, the sound is exactly what I was looking for...

Difficult decision for sure, but the reward can be great if you get it right! Good luck!