I just sold my cd player what should i get?

I just sold my Arcam Alpha6 cd player and now i need a new one .My budget is approx.2500Cdn.I am considering the Linn Genki,Musical Fidelity 3.2,and a Naim 3.5(?).My system consists of a Linn LP12(valhalla)with an akito arm and Troika cartridge.Amp is a Classe Ten,pre-amp is Classe four.speakers are Castle Howards bi-wired with Linn K400 cable.tape deck is a Nakamichi LX5.Interconnects are mainly Transparent Super and the power cords are mostly Wireworld Stratus. I listen to rock and roll, blues, and country stuff like the Flying Burrito bros.I'd like to hear your opinions. Thanks
Audiomeca Obsession II at CDN-$2700 list price.

The Candian distributor is Blue Circle Audio.
Add the Arcam FMJ DV27 to your list for auditioning. It has gotten outstanding reviews from a number of high-end audio mags, and sells for $2600 (MSRP).
why not try any Marantz SACD models or Consonance Opera?
Audio Aero Prima. The Capitole MKII's baby brother. List for $2300. This player goes tete a tete with players for more than twice the price. Those little tubes make all the difference. I can turn you on to a good place to purchase one. I love mine. peace, warren
roksan caspian,sonoteer(either model) boyh brands are keepers
You would benefit from a tubed player, I'd suggest a Shanling.
A record player.
I may be wrong, but I do believe that a Linn LP12 is a record player!
Before you spend $2500 on a CD player, listen to a DVD-A and SACD player.

I think that the inherent superiority of the new disc media, even when played on an inexpensive universal player like the Pioneer DV45A ($400 to $500), more than equals the audio improvement possible through the esoteric circuitry and electronic components in High End CD players. There is a good argument that the 24-bit highly oversampled playback of regular CD's (that comes for free with the DVD capability) also improves the sound of these regular CDs.

Invest the extra $2000 wisely, and when the market settles down you can replace the inexpensive player with something from a High End manufacturer, so as to impress your audiophile buddies.

I wisper, but don't tell anyone...

I listened in direct comparison Cambridge D500SE($449 list $300 for demo) and CapitoleII players and they sounded very identical with exception that Cambridge was sounding a-little thinner than CapitoleII so for now just assume that it will be almost the same as Prima but for alot cheaper. I made the listening test through the active Avantgarde Solo speakers and Placette passive preamp. This system reveals any tiniest sound effects very close to headphones realy and there the difference was between directly two made on one of the excellent recordings of NYJG(New York Jazz Guerilla www.nyjg.de). I simply accidentally asked dealer to demo me Avantgarde with "cheaper" source and than to swap back to expencive and three of us(including my friend) heard either none or very tiny-little differences.

You can invest the rest of your budget for good used Pass Ono outboard phonostage to get much more buck-return.
I agree with Lafish.
I sold my old Krell and bought the Marantz SA-14 SACD player and placed it on the Nueance platform. The sound is fantastic, especially on CD's!

Marakanetz, am I reading you right? The Capitole (Audio Aero?), just barely better than the Cambridge? I don't know where to go with that. Gots to be...forgedda 'bout it. I admire your courage to post that. You are one confident listener, and I, truly, admire that. I still maintain that the Audio Aero Prima is, hands down, one rocking, beautiful, sweet, very expensive sounding, cdp. I would put it up against ANY cdp out there, and it would hold it's own---AT THE WORST! You think I love this baby? No stock in the company. Just a very happy audio-camper. I wish more audiophools would listen to this baby. I know they'd freak. First by the sound, and then by the price. peace, warren
I guess you could call the Linn a record player.(LOL)
My mistake, forgive me.
Resolution Audio Opus 21
Carin Fog at $1695.00 US Dollars This player puts to shame many higher end players.
Hi Dave,

I would second the Obsession II cd player. I had an Arcam 72T that I sold when I upgraded. You still have the detail and it is more analogue sounding so you can listen to more cd's instead of your reference ones. If you would like more info, just e-mail me.
Lots of great choices listed above. I just want to add that I've owned the Genki for a few years, and it never really worked for me (perhaps a bad match for my system). However, I recently purchased a used Naim CD5 ($2500 CAN) and absolutely love it. Even if I upgrade, I don't think I'll ever sell this player. Note that I'm not a Naim freak, I hate the DIN connectors, and the stupid puck. But, the sound is exactly what I was looking for...

Difficult decision for sure, but the reward can be great if you get it right! Good luck!
I know you have $ 2500 to spend, save yourself $1600
and audition the Jolida JD100.It might be the right
CD for you, Or buy old sony 9000es and Let Dan Wright
modify it for you.I have not done it, I am almost
80% sure my sony will be ship to him.Go to his
web site www.modwright.com
easy- the Naim CD5 or a Rega Jupiter. The Jupiter sounds like a 3-4k player, competitive with the Linn Ikemi- the CD5 is the way to go especially if you want to upgrade- spend 900 more and buy a Flat Cap II power supply.
Ok My last post last June that I will send my sony9000es
to Dan Wright (Modwright).How did it sound sooo..musical
lifelike,holgraphic sound,voices are with lust and sweet,
the redbook is very good, my old cd collections sounded
like never before.With the$1740 I spend, at first I felt
I could have both onother unit.Out of the box, I felt it
is worth it,A month later I felt the money I paid Dan
is so cheap, In my system this cdp especially in Sacd
mode is unbeatable, I heard expensive sacd player like
the 5k consonance, the nuvista musical fidelity,even the
sony777es. the decision is yours.Good Luck
I'm still using Arcam ALPHA 6 and have SONY 9000ES (unmoded) and Arcam is better them SONY in SACD mode, and I'm going to upgrade too, but now I will be more cautious (SONY was supposed to be upgrade) :(.
Sorlowski I have the Ah with upsampler and 7308 tubes
siemens extremely musical player,I also have the msb with upgrade power,and cec transport ,this two front end,are
very musical, but when I got my sony back from Modwright
I forgot this two front end, Like I said the sony in sacd
mode is unbeatable,in redbook according to Tvad agoners
it became closer to the electrocompaniet 5k,Do I believe
him yes, without a doubt,the piano on my andra with sony
9000es ITS LIVE,Eva Cassiddy rise from the dead,I get
scared sometimes, I can only play her cd during the day
eh ehe ehe..Its also the sweetness and naturality that
I like.Well maybe the reason why my sony
sounds very good ,because I use it direct to amp,Dan
put volume control,and for $1700 it sould perform, It did,
beyond my expectation.The only reason I like to share this
experience, so we dont have to apply for second morgage
to finance our crazy hooby.
Just another player to add to the list.
Audio Aero Prima.
Some of you mentioned Marantz SACD... How would you compare Marantz DV-8400 universal player to the other 'candidates' in this thread?
I personally was very specific as to which Marantz.... the SA-14.

It is in a class by itself. It's performance is totally out of line with its low price. I cannot speak for the unit you mentioned.

Also consider a used Cary 303 player. I listened to the Linn, and Rega gear and for my system it was a better player.