I just purchased from Ty

I ordered a pair of Tyler Acoustics PD-80"s with the built in amps yesterday, even though, I have yet to hear any of his products. Has anyone heard these speakers and if so could you tell me what I can expect? They won't be here for 2-3 weeks and I feel like a little kid waiting for Santa. As usual, Ty has offered me the 20 day trial and my money back if I am not completely satisfied. Ty is simply awesome to talk to and deal with.
Congrats... I have not heard those as I think those are his new high efficiency line with different drivers than the ones used in his other lines (like the two I own)... but it seems whatever Ty touches turns to gold, so I am sure you will like them.


I came within hours of purchasing the Beta model he first made, let us know how it goes, he is a great guy!
A recent TAS or Stereophile said Tyler's new high-sensitivity speakers were true winners ... and I've owned several of Ty's speakers, so I know that he puts out great product and even better service ... wait for them, set them up with your high-octane low-watt tube amp ... and go to it!
I used to own a pair of Linbrooks from Ty. They're great speakers and even better customer service from Ty himself.

Enjoy your new speakers!