I just picked up a classic Sansui G-9000 stereo.

The receiver has a sticker on its side stating 220V. I'm in the U.S. What can I do to use this in a secondary system to power some Legacy Victoria's?
Sorry, post got cut off. It's a Sansui G-9000 stereo receiver. I believe it was purchased overseas. The sticker clearly states 220V. Can it be modified to 110V? This will be set up as a secondary system powering Legacy Victoria's and a Krell KID. Should I modify it or sell it? Thanks in advance.
Thats one of the best receivers ever.
Its built like a tank and sounds amazing.
I have the Sansui AU 9900 integrated amp and Sansui TU 9900 tuner. .
The 2 people i recommend for modifiying or fixing Sansui and all Classic Japanese receivers from the 70s is Terry Dewick in Tennessee and Glenn McDonald from Vintage Audio Restoration in Kansas City, MO.
Glenn's email is, EchoWars@kc.rr.com

Here's Terry's site to email or call him.
http://www.mcintoshaudio.com/dewick_repairs.htm -
Here's reviews on Terry.
http://mail.audiokarma.net/forums/showthread.php?t=338191 -
Get a good step-down transformer.
Get a good step-down transformer.

Wouldn't that be a step-up transformer?

If you're lucky, there may be a voltage selector switch on the back panel. If not, you might remove the cover and look inside for a voltage selector switch.
Thanks for the advice offered thus far. Yes, I believe it would be a step up transformer. Outlet is 110. The unit says 220v.