I just inherited some Lustre GST-801 tonearms?

Can anyone tell me about these tonearms I just inherited-they have never been used? Are these high quality? I'm assuming production was in the early 80's but could be earlier. How are these best used? Thanks
Very high quality but, also, high mass. Still great in the right application.

I owned one about 25 years ago. If my fading memory serves me right, the mass was mostly in the nut that screwed onto the arm post under the plinth. At the time suspended belt drive tables were all the rage and the mass of the Lustre nut was too much for the likes of Linn and Oracle among others. I believe it had a magnetic anti-skate and I know it had VTA adjust on the fly. It would probably be great with these Lenco set ups that are now popular or anything else with a heavy plinth and no springs.