I just hafta share this moment...

Today while scrounging for vinyl at half price books, I found a new sealed copy of Ry Cooder's lp 'Jazz'. So here I am, work is over for the week, chores are done/ignored, the family is outta town, the dogs are asleep, and I just retubed the ear 834p ... the music is flowing and life is GOOD! :)
I'm 55, had a nice bottle of merlot and cooked a GREAT strip steak (rare, of course!), and got laid by a gorgeous 5'11" 38yr young lady tonight and life is EXCELLENT!
Listening to Cain & Cain Single Ben Horns on a nice 300b amp with a nice SACD front end, ain't bad either!
Happy Listening!
Good for you buddy! Just got done with a night of drinking and am revisiting some old favorites myself! :)
Slappy, you are to be envied. When I'm "done with a night of drinking" my old favorites seem to be the crapper and the asprin bottle, if I can find either! :-)
Newbee.... i tried and i tried. I have nothing witty to say about that. ;)
Just thought I'd recommend the John Fahey album-Of Rivers And Religion(kinda different for Fahey with a bit of ragtimey instrumentation to accompany his Martin 6 string) and a bottle of Lindeman's Framboise Lambic.