i just bought a nice pair of Piega C10 Ltds

upgraded from the Revel F30's, to the Piega C10 Ltds, ohhhhhh my... i'm running them through the Mc402 amp and the ML 320's preamp - little Arcam fmj 23 and a Scott Nixon Dac leading the pack......pretty nice my friends
..congrats...being a c-10 ltd owner myself i know the feeling.there aren't many speakers that sound as good as they do when partnered with the right gear.are they the upgraded version?
Can you describe the soundstage these present. Most importantly how wide is the sweet spot and at how far up from the floor is the soundstage.My biggest complaint of my current Speakers is that I feel like Iam sitting in a balconay looking down at the stage.
As a Piega C3 Limited owner, I can relate to your experience. In fact, I also own the Scott Nixon DAC. Both are amazing products, and honestly for the money, I am not sure the Piegas can be beaten. And I have only heard one DAC in my life I liked better than Nixon's regardless of price. Although it was $6,500. ;-)

Mystang, to try and answer your question, I believe that any of the C Limited series have a life-sized soundstage, but the 8's and 10's have possibly an even higher than life one that sort of brings the entire room into your listening space. My 3's are a bit more intimate, and this is probably due to the size of my room versus the rooms I've heard the big boys in.

Nevertheless, I've never, ever experienced the miniature soundstage you describe with any gear hooked to my 3's. that includes probably 2 dozen amps, and a dozen preamps.

In short, I am a Piega Limited zealot, and I don't think you'd get that type of soundstage with them.

They are the most neutral speaker I've heard that still maintains emotion, and beauty. Of course, the Wisdom M75 is pretty good at that too, but it's also 8 feet tall and $75k.

Grats on the purchase Brent!
Hantrax Thanks for your reply. My speakers are NHT 3.3 I do not consider the sound stage miniture. Ther is good width and depth also the sweet spot is large enough for two people. BUT I STILL see the soand stage as if I am looking at a downward angle. I am very interested in the C10 LTD based on audiogon threads but was unclear as to the perceived hight of their soundstage, Thanks again for your coments . Anyone else please jump in.MY congrats on your purchase as well.
To me, the height of the soundstage is exactly as it would be in real life. Perhaps a tad bit higher on the 10's because the tweeter/mid array is a few inches above the one on the 3's. The 8's are the same way. All of them sound the same really. Just a bit more bottom end as you climb the ladder.
I, too, made the upgrade from the revel f30 to piega c-8ltd. I confer. A great upgrade, although the f30's weren't too shabby. I use an aloia amp and lector zoe preamp. My current source is the consonance opera audio ref. 2.2 cdp. Great product also, but now am curious about the Nixon DAC. Any other info. you can share on this? Thanks.

I've listened to that 2.2, and it's not a bad CD player. It's probably one of the best for that pricerange. It's a good transport too, so it should work well with the Nixon DAC.

The Nixon DAC is based on the old school design that Audio Note also based theirs on. It's a non-oversampling DAC without a digital filter. The current crop has a switchable filter to give you some filtering goodness if you need it, but I prefer mine nude.

Tube buffered, the thing sounds as good as anything I've ever heard up south of the Audio Note 3.1x Balanced. In fact, I've compared it directly to many more expensive DAC's up to $15k, and once you get used to the non-OS non filtered sound, it's impossible to go back. I tried. I went with a pro soundcard for a while from Lynx, and it was neat, but I was missing the music. Had gobs of detail, but it didn't sound like music anymore.

Luckily Scott is still building more. I have the latest version now, and am loving it. If I had $6,500 to get the 5% improvement the Audio Note gives, I doubt I'd spend it. But that's just me.

Hope this helps. You can get more info at http://www.scott-nixon.com . . .
Well, I finally followed hantrax and brentknoll's advice regarding the nixon tube dac with piega speakers. I have had a few sources (opra audio ref. 2.2, denon 3910 with hram level 2 mods, and aloia cdp which is now my transport) with my piega's and none compare to the nixon tube dac. I had an extra nos mullard 6922 tube and put it in without even listening to the stock tube. I don't think I will ever even put the stock tube in because I am in audio bliss. Thanks for this thread as it has been of utmost significance. Twc