I heard the Box

I never quite followed what people meant when they commented "All I heard was the box"
when listening to a speaker. 

I experienced it now twice in the past month. Once with some Dynaco A25s and then with a pair
of Electrovoice EV 4s.

My problem is now that hear the box, I can't seem to unheard it. 

These old gems were meant to be used in my office mostly for FM radio background.

So my question is- A load of both of these speakers were sold over many years so
how did people get around this issue?

I am now leaning toward an Andrew Jones dual concentric bookshelf solution.
Those I have heard in my home and sounded quite acceptable at $600 new.

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SO, what does the box actually sound like?  Not sure if I have heard it, but maybe.
. Oh no. I don’t think I can take hearing *the floor* after ’hearing the box’.

It’s the common double whammy that few can survive.
As we say in Maggie world...once you go flat, you never go back.
Once you go Tekton Design, you are wrecked for all time.
Having owned a couple pairs of magnepans I can say they do have their strengths. But after a while, the lack of dynamics and reasonable bass response and punch left me wanting more. If you are "hearing the box", you bought the wrong box.