I heard the $4000 Focal Utopia Headphones yesterday

Very nice. Very expensive. Beryllium drivers.  Reviews a bit hyped I think. Who would pay that premium otherwise? Not sure I could live just with any headphones still.

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I find it a bit disconcerting to have Beryllium so close to your brain.

Cheers George
Is Berylium hazardous? More so than stuff in other headphones?

If I was going to spend a lot of time listening only to headphones I would consider spending 4K if seems worth it.

My audition was short but listening to some well recorded familiar tracks not sure I heard the value proposition with these. They cost almost 20x more than my most expensive current phones.

Is Berylium hazardous?,  An old engineer friend recalled that during the second world war he worked for Elliot Automation in England building the Lancaster bombers. Women were handling beryllium plated instrument parts bare handed, then falling of their stools dead.

I don't know the specifics but under certain circumstances beryllium is very toxic.
OK that would seal it.  No beryllium headphones for me then. :^)