I heard BAT was sold

I can't confirm this but I think the new owner is Music Direct.
I'd wish VK a happy retirement
+1 Marakanetz. I've owned 9 pieces of BAT equipment over the years, great stuff.
It is Music Direct. I dont think VK is going anywhere. From what I heard he is being freed up to do more R&D. I Use BAT from begining to end in my system. Have had good luck with the products I have used through the years. Hope this is a big win/win for both parties.
Interesting that Music Direct is pursuing vertical integration at this juncture in the audio biz.

I had a VK-D5SE CDP for many years, and it was a fine piece. The gents at BAT are good people and VK has always been a valued contributor here and elsewhere. I hope all the parties did well in the deal, and those who wished to remain were able to do so.
New preamp lines and upgrades to REXPower amp were introduced at CES.
Hi Taters,

Yes. As Tom mentions above, MD is now involved in this manner.

BAT products and their commitment to excellence -- haha...I'm from San Diego -- will continue to reflect Victor Khomenko's influence, so far as I know.

My understanding is a new web site will soon be available.

I noticed that the 3iX was not available at musicdirect.com. It's still listed as a current product at balanced.com.
Hey Sam,
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Music Direct also bought Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs and wrecked them.

Hope they do not do the same to BAT.

VK has only been doing R&dD for the last several years, while the other partners ran the company, so his role does not change.

Perhaps the owners are just cashing out?

Does not look good to me.
I wish them well also...I've owned a lot of BAT gear over the years...
Hi Tom,

No kidding?!

I have a friend with whom would have epic contests on the tennis court that gradudated from Henry :-)
I cannot confirm if BAT was sold and if sold then to whom but as long as Victor Khomenco is in charge of R&D this company will remain one of the best in the world !!!!
Music Direct ruined MFSL? How do you figure? Have you heard some of the excellent MoFi releases that have been coming out lately? (Music from Big Pink and the Basement Tapes come to mind) Unless there is some aspect of MFSL I don't know about, I think Music Direct is doing a great job carrying on those vinyl releases.
I completely agree with Roscoeiii. I have every MOFI LP released by Music Direct, (and almost all of the MOFI LPs ever issued).

I find almost all of them to be superb. Yes, there may be a dog or two, but as a whole, Music Direct has done a GREAT job with the reissues.
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Agree with Roscoeii. MoFi's Stage Fright, Big Pink, Surfer Rosa, Doolittle, Wake of the Flood, Brecker's Pilgrimage-- these are some of best sounding LP reissues in memory.
Cool Mt10425 :-)

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Great C1. But it was a long time ago, 1971.
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Madison started circa 62 which meant a lot of our graduating class was split up and transferred over there. Dating a girl from Madison meant I got to go to 2 Proms.
Cool. I went to Mission Bay's prom '72 with my GF.
All schools had some good looking girls but Mission Bay had A LOT of them. Must have been due to the proximity of the beach. :-)
Be aware the MFSL gold Ultra Gain disc's back in the late 90's were a hard sell because of their superior gold surface's and limited edition run's and high prices that were worth every penny. When the record companies out of New York, L.A. and Japan provided their canned secondary master tapes to Mobile, they had possession for a brief time only and they would do a one time run of about 10,000 CD'S which is why you cannot get those disc's today. It would be wise for Audiophiles to buy up as many SHM-SACD's as possible, since they are superior to the MF Ultra Discs and are also produced in limited runs.
What the hell is don_c55 talking about? Mofi was dead and Jim bought the name and rights as far as I recall. I'll stop by and ask him.



"Fast Times" Clairemont Hight ;-)

Enjoy working for the state Cali boys...might want to consider Republican turf so you can keep more of your money for audio purchases:)

You are one of the few who know about "Ridgemont High".

I tried to figure out who Spicoli (sp?) might have been.
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Hehe...Jeff Spicoli -- classic.

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