I Haven't Seen These In Years...

It just occurred to me that there are basically two types of speakers sold most places nowadays -- bookshelf types that almost palpably imply, "You're going to want a subwoofer with these." and floorstanders explicitly meant to stand on the floor. Is there anyone still making the "Put it on top of a counter or a sturdy shelf or sit it on the floor, whatever suits your fancy." 14"ish wide x 18-24"ish high x 12"ish deep 50ish pounder that sports a 10 or 12" woofer, a midrange, and a tweeter, type of speaker? I know there are plenty of vintage ones floating about...just curious as to whether any are still being manufactured nowadays or, if not, what brought about their extinction...

OHM Acoustics

for years has provided very reasonably priced upgrades and support for essentially every speaker they have produced over the last 40 years or so, many of which are as you describe. They also sell complete factory refurbished models from time to time also at very attractive prices.
You are right. It seems that WAF conformists must try to minimalize the impact of exposed gear thus they use bookshelves or in wall.
Or the guys that have the dedicated room who can expend floor space. If there is any compramize perhaps it can be seen in the "slim" small footprint short "tower".
My first real speakers were 1976 Klipsch Heresys which fit your description. The old Advents the ARs etc. also had that shape box.
Some day I would like to try living with the ginormous bass horn type speakers with the field coil drivers.
Well the Harbeth and Spendor make some that size.. for a price!
Doesn't Klisch still make the Heresy?
But yeah mostly nobody making those anymore... it's either minimonitor with sub, 'tower', or the super big jobs that cost 6 figures.
Remember when the AR-3a or JBL L-100 was a 'bookshelf' speaker? pretty doggone big and heavy to put on a bookshelf!
Pioneer HPM-100. Still a great sounding and looking speaker (at least, from a vintage aspect). While I prefer my PMCs, the Pioneers are a great speaker for classic rock.
Harbeth and Spendor are very popular modern speakers that fit the mold.

If the price is an issue with these though, do yourself a favor and check out the refurbed OHM Hs, C2s or Ls first.

I bet these designs that OHM has optimized over time since their popular heyday 30+ years ago are highly competitive and none would set you back for more than $1000 or less.

I upgraded my 35 year old OHM Ls myself recently and base my claim on what I hear there compared to all the similar contemporary designs I have either owned or heard over the years since.