I have various speakers and audio equipment for sale. They 7-10 years old. Should I list?

I have a variety of audio and speakers available for sale. Included are B&W 600 series bookshelf speakers, Paradigm CC series speakers, Kef, Denon receiver, Rotel preamp, and Def Tech sub. There are more. Most have original packaging. I'm cleaning out my music room looking to raise some funds to offset upgrades. Can give a spreadsheet and what I want for sale but really want to see if anyone is really interested. These units are 7-10 years old
I've had great luck listing on usaudiomart and audio circle where listings are free.
The other thing you can do is sell to The Music Room (tmraudio.com) or consign on there. Yes, you won’t make as much money, but much less hassle. They spruce it up for best condition and for pictures, use pro lighting, lost on multiple sites (including agon, eBay etc)

Just a thought. If you’ve got a lot of stuff, might be the way to go.
They’re very legit. PS Audio used them to sell their trade ins.