I have tweak phobia ??

Hi Audiogoner's, decided to have a little fun?. I have a great Krell, system, tweaked as far as tweaked goes!, but was wondering if it is normal for an audiophile, after spending mucho$$$$$$, on a system along with tweaking one could after a while find something to pick on regarding sound, or sonics Does this happen to you???????? do you too suffer!!! Tweak Phobia?????
I don't know if you're suffering from "tweak phobia?" But what you're feeling is the nature of this hobby. Relax and enjoy your tunes 'til you can't stands it no more. Then? Get rid of the Krell stuff...lol..peace, warren :)
Warren, you sure do crack me up
Out of curiosity, what have you done to maximize your speaker placement and your room acoustics?
How 'bout your electric:

power conditioner?
dedicated outlets?
cryoed receptacles?

put the entire list, top to bottom, of your rig on the 'gon and let us have a go at it. If you dare..
That's A. Nervosa, very common and no known cure other than a Bose Wave Radio and a padded room.

Aoltes...scared you away?...you did ask for opinions. Give us your whole rig top to bottom. the whole nine...we'll be gentle with you and set you free....