I have to downsize big time, any ideas on integrated amps and smaller 3 way speakers

I have to downsize my system quite dramatically. My current system is Well-Tempered Versalex TT with Dynavector DV XX-2 MKII cart, Oppo BDP-105D, Auralic Vega G2 Streamer/Dac, Esoteric C-03 Pre, Sanders Magtech amp with up-graded caps and Monitor Audio PL300 Mk 1 Speakers.
I have been thinking I need to downgrade the TT although I love the sound and I will probably go to an Integrated. Been looking at the Accuphase E-270 or 370. Speakers I like are the Sonus Faber Sonetto V or something similar. I need to be careful with those pesky back waves of Kenjit fame but otherwise I am open to ideas. This will be my last investment in gear as I have cancer and only a couple of years left. I will also need to simplify things for my wife.
Just some rough ideas that have worked for some of you would be appreciated. I have no real affinity with any brand although I am very partial to my Auralic DAC.
Thanks in advance folks.
I love 3-way speakers. Whenever one of them talks, I think it's great that they're up for a three-way.
No matter what happened, I m wishing you the best possible outcome 
the Rogue Sphinx integrated and the KEF R-5’s ........amazing combo ...I love the sound and very easy to listen to and very easy to use .... 
Wow, I am quite overwhelmed. Forgetting hifi gear for a moment, thanks to all for their kind wishes, it has been very heartening indeed, What a great bunch of people you all are.

As for the advice and recommendations, I am very thankful for all the ideas proposed and being the type of person I am, I have begun to research all recommendations before making and decisions. I just hope I don't run out of time!!! :-)
I will keep you posted and ask questions as needed. Thanks once again and warm regards
So I just sold my KEF Reference 3's and am thinking of KEF LS-50W and some subs and just running SONOS. I'm probably going to sell my Bryston mono's and all the wires and go with something much smaller and lighter, and which doesn't make heat or use as much electricity.

Take care.