I have serious AC questions. Help. Powervar?

I have been having some equipment problems, that I believe is due to AC power problems in my house. Most notably, my Perpetual Technologies P-3A cuts out very briefly when I flip the bathroom light-switch. It almost sounds like a skip in the disc. It started after I sold the Monolithic Sound power supply. Also, I own a Innersound ESL 300 amplifier. Sometimes, during bad weather (usually just before we will experience a power outage), the transformer begins to hum.

My main question is: will a power conditioner rectify this problem? I am interested in spending between $200 and $300 dollars. The following pieces have perked my attention: Monster HTS 3500, Adcom ACE-315 or ACE-515, the Powervar 1200 (this really appeals to me), and the rotel.

My other equipment is as follows:

Krell KRC Preamplifier
B&W Matrix 802 series 3
Sony X-77ES Cd Player
Perpetual Technologies P3A
Innersound ESL 300
Many possible conditions. Is there a GFI outlet in the bathroom? Could be that the bathroom light and your system outlets are on the load side of the GFI outlet (which would trip in many wiring situations with switched devices downstream). Or, could be that the bathroom light switch is wired to the neutral instead of the hot and your equipment is on the same circuit.
Also, check your outlets with a plug-in type three light tester. You may have a reversed hot-neutral. As far as the bad weather problem, check to see that your main panel is grounded properly to the water pipe or grounding rod. Could be a loose or corroded connection.

I would first find another circuit or install a dedicated circuit and take it from there.
There is a new product that is an Audiophile APS. This will definitely work, since it has a battery backup system like those for computers, except it produces a perfect sine wave which is needed for audio gear. It will run the whole system for quite a while unplugged. The battery system also means no brown-outs, spikes, surges, and over/under voltages. They start at $1625 up to $2395. Their website is www.audiophileAPS.com

Those that balance power with transformers like the Powervar or the Blue Circle Music Rings would do the trick as well. Music Rings sound great and start at $699.

PS Audio and Equitech stuff are also similar..
Go with the Powervar. Mine has been in continuous service for 15 years now.
deditated ckts usually run about 200-300. give that a shot
Buy another Monilithic power supply!
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I just found an unbelievable deal on a Monster HTPS-7000.
You should check and see if the stock power supply is putting out it's rated voltage. Most digital circuits run on +5vdc, and if the voltage drops the dac can lose signal lock.

I agree with Psychicanimal, the best solution for the P-3A is buy another Monolithic power supply. This will improve the sound more than any AC conditioner.

I get the Innersound ESL 300 amplifier on it's own 20 amp
I second the Powervar. Even with dedicated lines, my front-end gear's overall sound improved after hooking them into the Powervar. My amps, however, plug into the 20W wall outlets.

I have not tried any other purifiers, protectors, etc, since the Powervar. I have no reason to at the present time.
I am also sticking whith a Powervar but mines been upgraded whith Porter Ports, Pro Gold and dampening and will have Aurri caps installed in it when I have time.

The stock Powervars are major bang for the buck and modified I doubt there is much that will work any better regardless of price or brand name.