I have seen the light.

I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see! Well, after about a 1 year trial and error process, I have finally gotten my TT up and running and kicking some digital ass! Up until now, I had been disappointed in the analog rig I had put together. Benz Glider L2, OL Silver MK1, SOTA Star Sapphire. Comparing it to my digital (EMC1 MK2 SE), and with several phono stages (Benz Lukasheck PP-1, Lehman Black Cube/PWX, ARC SP9 MK2) it just never excited me. I knew I was getting close with the phono in my Supratek Syrah, but now I just added the SOTA Reflex clamp and WOW. My wife and I sat down and listened to one track. She ALWAYS claims she can't hear any difference and immediately picked out the analog as the better sounding, when I played the same track on both and adjusted the volume to match by ear. Although I imagine I will always use lots of CDs due to their convenience (and because I have bought about 600 in the last 5 years), I was blown away by the improvement. Sorry for the ramble (not a rant, since I am a happy camper) but I just had to tell someone.
:-) Color me muddy but happy.

Isn't the Supratek Syrah just too cool? What a great piece. I had the pleasure of using one in my system recently and it is an incredible performer. With a price tag of $2500 it's a candidate for the best deal in all of audio. I envy you.
Muddy one,

Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing the boat on the new hi-rez formats, but I can't imagine anything sounding much better than my analog front end. Congrats on dialing in your rig, it'll make you rediscover some gems in your music collection and bring the pleasure/joy back into the hobby. Record clamps ought to be considered mandatory, sure makes one helluva difference if I don't use mine that came as standard issue with my Oracle. Sounds like you're going to be really enjoying the holidays! Best, Jeff
Nice TT/arm/cartridge combo, very similar to mine. I have been very happy with the combo, but I've always used the reflex clamp. Did you just buy it, or was it sitting idle while you spun your discs?

I have a Sony SCD 777ES which plays SACD, and I still prefer the vinyl. I like the Sony, but the TT just sounds better. If they can keep up with the technology I do think it can sound as good if not better that vinyl,but they still have a ways to go...
Nrchy- I had put it away somewheres when I sold my old Sonographe, and could not find it. It galled me to pay big bucks for a clamp I knew I had hidden away, so I was using a cheapy I picked up on ebay. I have not yet even heard let along tried hi-res, but now I am going to have to be looking for LPs. I guess Borders is out!
Swampwalker, glad to hear you found the key. A clamp does so many necessary things, I can't imaging spinning without one. Too bad about Borders, my local thrift shops have really lousy coffee bars!
It's too bad used vinyl is soo over priced on AudiogoN. There are a couple of sources for good used vinyl, and a bunch of collectable stuff here in town. It's fun to hunt for new stuff. Enjoy the table!
OK, now I need leads to good current LPs. Where does everyone get them. Used can only be mined so much. On-line or sources in CT would be appreciated. Happy Holidays everyone.


That should give you a start!
If you're in the mood to mine one more collection of used LP's, Integrity 'n Music on the Silas Deane Hwy in Wethersfield has lots of jazz, R & B and country. Not much classical, don't know about rock/pop. You'll have to sift through the damaged junk, as usual, but they have lots of gems for $.99 per LP. Best of all, it's actually sorted in bins, not lying on the floor beneath piles of moth-eaten sweaters.