I have seen the Future and it is Kalaidasape


Just saw a Kalaidascape(sp?). Excellent picture quality, including an HD clip. This is ready for prime time. When higher resolution content comes, this will be a killer. If it ever gets it's audio act together, say goodby to transports, dacs etc. I can foresee the day when combined with say a Meridian processor, it will be our content provider. The salesman was saying how Meridian MLP is part of both high def DVD camps, and that this has a good chance of becoming the new hires audio format. I was very sceptical, until I read the same thing in the latest Perfect Vision. Of course, it's still very pricy, but not when compared to my Meitner? ARC Ref3 stack.

David Shapiro

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It is a RAID-based hard drive storage and provider system, which stores and plays back UNCOMPRESSED video. It can upload DVD's and even HD content. It has an excellent user interface. It's currently being distributed on an Ethernet sytem, and I don't know enough to say if that will have enough of a transfer rate to get high-res sound. However,it's not far from that type of uncompressed system to uncompressed audio storage. Supposedly, their audio portion will be released in a few weeks. Of course, it starts at $22,000.
It will take some doing to wean us from our transports, etc., but I believe that the future is staring us in the face.
Yeah, well really miss all that stuff.....not.