I have seen some Interesting comments about Mcintosh lately

These comments come from here and a couple of other sites.

1.The only people that buy Mcintosh gear are one's that just don't listen.
2. Mcintosh is what rich people buy just like Mercedes Benz.
3. Mcintosh relies on generational buyers as a business plan.
4. Mcintosh is known for rebranding products and putting there name on it.
5. Mcintosh has great looks but uses cheap off the bin parts.

I can't think of another high-end company that have so many stereotypes about the brand. On the other hand I can't think of another audio company that has been in business as long.


I find that so Interesting that you said Mcintosh has the worst customer service. I thought they pride themselves with great customer service. I am really shocked!
 Having no authorized dealer within arms reach I bought a new MC402 over the phone from an authorized McIntosh dealer. Maybe 5 years ago.Paid for it with a debt card and $125 to have it shipped..I sent in the warranty card info and Mac sent the card back along with a letter stating that" for it to qualify for factory warranty it has to be bought at the store,paid for along with sales tax and carried to my car,no exceptions"No internet or phone sales qualify for factory warranty.I called McIntosh and spoke with several different levels of flunkies and got no where.The dealership couldnt or would do anything for me at that time either..No huge deal I thought although I wasn't happy.A few months later the amp started having distortion on the right channel..Long story short I had to pay an independent repair service to fix the issue...This is what I call horrible customer service
Wow, that is really bad. And to think that Mcintosh gear holds such great resale value. It really doesn't make any sense.

True story..Sold the amp after about a year of use and did ok as far as recouping money but never again will I buy their products.Im not sure if thats McIntosh's policy now but at that time in the fine print it stated exactly the postition they took.Forgetting that, having owned many many macs over the decades I never was that sold of what I heard.The old stuff is way over hyped ,sounds tubby and slow compared to modern gear available,IMO
McIntosh has never been considered a sound-first product. It has always been about quality of construction and aesthetics. Audiophiles in the 60's bought Marantz, not Mac. When they went solid state, only non-audiophiles bought Mac. It looked real good, and sounded "good enough".