I have seen some Interesting comments about Mcintosh lately

These comments come from here and a couple of other sites.

1.The only people that buy Mcintosh gear are one's that just don't listen.
2. Mcintosh is what rich people buy just like Mercedes Benz.
3. Mcintosh relies on generational buyers as a business plan.
4. Mcintosh is known for rebranding products and putting there name on it.
5. Mcintosh has great looks but uses cheap off the bin parts.

I can't think of another high-end company that have so many stereotypes about the brand. On the other hand I can't think of another audio company that has been in business as long.

Schubert’s correct, they are ugly and heavy, I prefer something light and cheap, something like say men’s Baby G. Much cooler than Rolex ever thought of being. Although I probably wouldn't turn down a Rolex bubble back.
I am going to assume that,  like myself,  everyone adding to this dialogue has at one time or another owned a McIntosh whatever?  

I've owned a C28 preamp,  a cd player,  an Mc2100 solid state,  a MAC6700 receiver, and most recently the latest version of the 275 tube amp,  the Mark 6.  All were fine to one extent or another,  but I don't own any McIntosh now.

One has to admit that the legendary reputation of this brand,  if only out of curiosity,  drives customers to its hallowed doorstep. Countless reviews of McIntosh laud its performance,  longevity,  immediately recognizable looks;  people like me-self and the "nouveau-riche" are/were willing to try it out.  I don't consider myself a sucker in looking into their stuff,  nor do I consider people who like Rolex and Mercedes to be suckers,  either.  I believe Jack White's recording studio is 100% McIntosh,  or very close to it.

Is it good stuff?  Is Mercedes a good automobile?  Rolex a good watch?
I've owned a few Benzes in my time and yes,  they are good vehicles.  I prefer Audis,  but Benz is no slouch.  I've never owned a Rolex nor harbor any desire to possess one - I think they're ugly,  and I truly don't give much of a hoot about wristwatches anyway.  (I wear a Mondaine cuz I can see the time...)

While my current Pioneer SX series stereo receiver is not the first one I ever bought,  it's perhaps the only gear I've been unable to be without over the decades.  (It's my backup piece.)  My interest in acquiring new gear,  the funds I have available to acquire new (er) gear,  comes from a reservoir similar to every reservoir - it rises,  it falls,  when it floods and reaches my knees I buy.

Belonging to this site,  reading members opinions on brands and everything else under the sun,  has taught me that no one particular brand holds the answer to everything.  I prefer other equipment to McIntosh,  but seeing for myself was pretty much a necessary step to take along this oft-expensive,  oft-frustrating,  and thoroughly enjoyable pursuit.

As JS of Ohm Acoustics would say,  "happy listening!"

Total BS, Rolex’s are as ugly and tacky as sin , to make SURE others know what it is ! Nobody with any taste whatsoever would wear one .
Haters are going to hate....
... they are ugly and heavy, I prefer something light and cheap,
I am not a huge fan of the Rolex look, but this is where function trumps form.  Rolex watched are waterproof to over 100m and can withstand 10 atmospheres of pressure.  Light and cheap need not apply.

Well, let's see, when was the last time you found yourself at 100 m or at 10 Atmospheres pressure?  Take your time, you don't have to answer right away.