I have "inherited" approx. 600 7" 45 RPMs

I am presently cataloguing each single by artist, label, year, etc...
All are in very good condition and better. Some light marks/scratches on surface of some. They were all stored in closed top cases and most have the label sleeve or picture sleeve. Are these worth trying to sell here on Audiogon? (I have been a member for years.) Not sure if this is the right place to pursue this. Any suggestions other than the obvious eBay choice?
Bad news: There are relatively few 45s that are worth anything, especially if scratched. Good news: Ones worth something, depending on condition, include older 50s and 60s rock and roll, jazz, rhythm & blues. Some 45s with picture jackets have value, such as Stones, Beatles. There are reference books for 45s that might help.
I have no room for 600, sorry.
Thanks for the response. I have more than 600. I am willing to split and sell individually, but I see this could be a project. The records are not from a Jukebox or anything. They are from my Uncle's collection when he was younger..perhaps he played them a few times each. They don't take up much space as most are in about 8 or 9 45 RPM storage boxes, which are about 8"x8"x 5"each. If they are not scratched and clean, I suspect they will be somewhat desirable for an owner of an old Jukebox...LOL
Thanks for the responses.
Any place I can view titles you have for sale?
I think their value will be greater to collectors than to audiophiles in general.

Getting the best value out of them as collectables will require an investment in time and research.

I am not an expert but I suspect what GEoffkait said regarding the types that are likely to be worth more is true.

I'd be interested in knowing what you have, once you have them all listed out.

I'd probably try to categorize them into groups representing relative estimated values. Once you've researched prices of all in each group to your satisfaction, you can put those up for sale.

Just based on #s, 600 45s from over the years in good condition generally is likely to have significant total value that might justify hiring an expert to help assess and maybe even sell that would work off a % of the actual sale.

IT really depends on your time and availability to do it right and how much you need the money today. VAlue will probably only go up as collectibles over time, so not harm in holding on to these until the time is right to sell properly.

It all depends on what it is...if it's 600 punk rock 7"s from the late 70 and early 80s they could be worth tens of thousands. 80s top 40 hits...pennies for each.
Okay. I have gotten through about 1/4 of the 45s. They vary in titles and range from the 60s to the early 80s. Here is a list of some of the more interesting (subjective?)artists:
Frank Sinatra
Paul McCartney
Paul and Linda McCartney
Rolling Stones
John Lennon and Plastic Ono Band
Steve Miller
Creedance Clearwater Revival
Aretha Franklin
Elton John
Helen Reddy
Steely Dan
Bee Gees
Diana Ross
The Tempatations
Jackson Browne
John Denver
The Eagles
Peter Frampton
Tom Jones
Stevie Wonder
The Isley Brothers
Herb Alpert
The Jacksons
The Jackson 5

I will make the list available either as it goes or after it is all finished. As you can see, it is quite a rang. I have placed a dozen or so of various artists. All play through. Most sounded good. I use an older systemdec IIX with grado cartridge.
Excuse me for the misspellings (played instead of "placed" Systemdek instead of "systemdec", etc....trying to run out with my son for a game...
I have almost finished with a spread sheet listing title, artist, year, label, 45 #, and whether any have picture sleeves or were "punched" etc.
How should I make this information available for download or perusal? I am reluctant to post my email address for fear of junk mail, etc...

I thinking I could post it on one of my websites...or I could email the list to individuals when it is finished...if those individuals have accounts set up for this purpose...

I ran across some beatles, kiss, carly simon, james taylor...the list keeps growing. I have some of the oldies to do soon....

I'm possibly interested in the oldest you have. Ideal would be 1950s stuff, perhaps not in the collection you have.

Your idea about posting to your website is good, or even if your website has a link to send email private to you. We could submit and you reply as time permits.
Huge collection..You can make an RPM museum :)
Good suggestions. I'll post more within a few days. 615 and counting. Looks like it will top out near 720. Not many oldies so far, unfortunately.
45'S are so cool, not for most audiogon heads, nope they need the 8eyed copy of whatever. I have thousands and love them, check music stack and gemm for prices. 7" People are dedicated. I guess that's why I have 2 turntables in every room of the house.

Check out the "45s For Sale" under the header of the page.

Thanks for all suggestions from everyone.

I will respond to all inquiries in the order in which they are received.