I Have PS300 - Do I need Power Cords??

I recently bouth the PS Audio PS300 Powerplant and am pretty happy with the result - a definate improvement. I am now tempted to spend money on upgrading my power cords (perhaps sidewinder powersnakes). However, I'm wondering if new power cords are worth it if the PS300 has solved most of the problems here. I'd appreciate any advice you can give me on whether the upgrade is worth it, and what cords you may recommend. Thanks!! My system is as follows: B&W Nautilus 805 Speakers Bryston BP20 & 3b-st amplification Bel Canto DAC 1 & Pioneer DVD525 source.
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Hi Outliner. The PS will respond to PCs the same way any other piece of electronics. In fact it can make or break your system. PCs going into and out of the PS 300 are critical for best sound.
Why would you even consider any power cord but the PS Audio product for your situation? What are the odds that you can randomly mix and match products and optimize sound quality? Considering the operating principal of the PS300, a power cord should not be critical, but a good one can't hurt. Think of it as a system and stay with the PS Audio power cord.
Try to get a try before you buy deal with the power cords. I would give the Cardas cords a run on the Bryston gear.
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Power cords carrying power from the PP300 to your gear are more critical in my personal experience than a power cord running into the PP300. However, I am doing both using Cardas Golden Cross into my PP600 and Cardas Quadlink 5C to my amplifiers with excellent results. Try before you buy.
I'm not a PP user yet but I believe the Power Plants are actually power amplifiers to generating the pure AC. If u use good power cords for your system amplification, then why not get one for your PP? I'll prefer using Chang lightspeed power cord as they are ultra-low inductance and ultra-high speed of power transmission. BTW, people saying the PP300 are pretty hot even with the fan installed. Are the PPs (300, 600 - no fan option) good for always on like other line conditioner do? Please share your experience.
Hi, I have three PS P300s and a collection of ElectraGlide Fatboy and Shunyata King Cobra power cords. Let me tell you 100% for sure the performance of the P300 will be improved if you use good after market power cords. And my experience is that the power cord that connects the P300 with the wall outlet is very important--at least as important as the ones connecting the components to the P300. I use an ElectraGlide FatBoy 3 foot "jumper" to plug the P300 into the wall. I compared this with the PS power cord (not their latest and greatest "Lab Cord", but the upgrade cord they were offering when they first came out with the P300s). Let me tell you, there was no comparison. The FatBoy was much better than the PS cord. I've not tried PS's new "Lab Cord", but have heard some reports that it's pretty good. So you surely should try it. But it would be a big mistake not to also try Shunyata and ElectraGlide cords. I've also had good results with the top Synergistic cord (the Designers Reference). Undoubtedly there are other great cords out there---try as many as you can. But I'm confident you will find that upgraded power cords will raise the performance of your system with the P300 as much as without it. Craig Zastera
Excellent advise Craigza. FYI Craigza, a friend of mine borrowed my FIM PC. He was useing the fat boy se in the ps300. He liked the FIM and sold the fatboy. Said it was quite a bit better.