I have posted my system to Virtual System

I was hoping to hear peoples thoughts. Thank you in advance.

Here is the link:
Well on paper it looks very nice indeed, but all that really matters is what YOU think.
Nice system, you seem to be of the camp that the source is the most important, nice turntable. What other speakers have you listened to, monitors in particular? I have heard many good things about the silverlines
Hi Davt. Recently it has been Krell Res 3's, B&W 805s's and Paradimg (excuse spelling). I live in Buffalo, NY. Selection is limited. Prior to switching to monitors I had Nautilus 802's. In my small room, I much prefer the monitors (my room is 12' x 11". I have read good thing about the Dynaudio brand. I have had zero exposure to them. I would like to hear them some day.