I have now listened to my restored, recapped and serviced NAD 3020 and..........

WOW.  This little amp is amazing!  I an stunned at the warm, balanced and completely musical sounds coming out of my Klipsch RB-61 speakers.  The fact that this example is completely back to it's factory specs and has essentially all new guts certainly helps, I'm sure.  

The amp makes poor recordings sound good and good recordings sound superb.  I actually heard details in the music I had not heard with my old Cambridge Audion amp. 

Can't wait for all the CD's I've ordered over the weekend to arrive now!

Great to hear you are enjoying the new amp. Enjoy the upgraded sound and your old, and new, music........
A classic for sure
i have one I have had for 30 years out in the garage running some Dynaco A-25 and it sounds great!


the NAD gear from the 80's and 90's was outstanding!

Glad to hear that you are happy with your 'new' amp! 
Got me through college years. Goes great with Mission monitors. Cheers,
My first serious amp & in many ways it got right what many amps get wrong. Its musical.
Yes, a superb sounding little amp!  Worth your upgrade cost, I am sure.
34 dean,

I have a 3020.  Where was the work done and approx. how much does it cost?  Thx.
Ditto the question from hbbear, please.

Hi all...
Here is the eBay page for the seller I purchased my amp from.  Hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this here.


What all did they do exactly