I have Noticed..

Since I am running for assistant VP audiogon..

I sure have noticed a LOt of Bryston gear for sale today

Maybe Alberta oil sands colliding with Diana Krall popularity in micro economic terms...new meaning to sticky prices in the market..


It could also be do to the withdrawal of the KeyStone pipeline and the absence of Shania Twain. Those Canadians are a tricky lot, eh?

Groans are acceptable.

All the best, (or worse)
I am currently anti-Canadian since their mining operations are about to destroy the Alaskan salmon…I now consider Krall a New Yorker so she gets a pass.
Big Corps aren't called multi-nationals for nothing .
How many Canadian Club shots have you downed before you entered this incomprehensible post today?
Bryston gear is a great buy/value on the used and demo market!!!
but it is only for ego driven Rolex fanatics..

Diana Krall gets a pass with me .... even if she is a transplant from the frozen attic and enjoys the party downstairs.