I have Kenwood Receiver form 1975How do I hook up a CD player ?

I had my original Kenwood receiver updated recently from 1975....how do I hook up a CD player to that receiver? Also, where would I buy a single disc CD player these days ?  Thank you  
Into the aux jacks or tape monitor output jacks. Check Amazon, Audiogon or Ebay. They are everywhere,have fun.   

You can connect a CD player to any line level input, such as tuner, aux, etc. Do not connect it to the phono input. You would connect it using an Interconnect cable that has a L (White or black) & R (Red) RCA jack on each end.

Single disk CD players are still readily available for manufacturers such as Denon, Yamaha, Cambridge Audio, etc. You can also use any DVD player to play CDs.
I agree reubent,
search Craigslist, eBay and Yard Sales for cd players- they are everywhere.
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"how do I hook up a CD player to that receiver? Also, where would I buy a single disc CD player these days ?" 

you have been a member since 2000 on this site and have over 414 positive feedback....and you are asking this kind of question ?  

just seems a bit odd......

....you Mr Addyson815 have been on this site for what 5 minutes and YOU have to ask that question ? . If you are soo smart - and need to validate your presence ; Okay how do you hook up a CD player to my 1976 Kenwood Receiver.....what inputs do I user ?         
....please also note that Mr.Ruebent was kind enough to point me in the right direction. That's how it's done.    
It's no wonder why members don't want to reply to threads on this site because of the way garebear replied to addyson815.

So garebear..... let me ask this....if a member that has been in this site for a number of years had replied the same way that addyson815 did, would your reply have been the same OR did you think it was ok to reply that way because addyson815 has only been here a short time and has no feedback?

as mentioned earlier, use any input other than phono.    On equipment today, most of the inputs are labeled and just because it says "cd" does it mean you have to connect the CD player to it.....use whatever input you want, but just make sure on the front that you select the proper input.
I use one of these to play CD’s . It won’t display the track that is playing,but other than that it works just fine. 35 bucks at Walmart!
Thank you Mr Riley but you have missed my need for a response to that post altogether. I was somewhat cordial posting the question back to the member to answer my inquiry...if you have something to say that will actually add to the post ; then say it.  I put the post up because I was not sure how to exactly hook a CD player to an older receiver, legitimate question or so I thought and as I noted ; Mr Ruebent answered my inquiry. There was no need for Mr Addyson to perpetuate the post no matter how long a member has been on this site questioning basically someone's ( audio ) intelligence. There was no need or value to a post presented as such. I am sure after looking at it again you will or should agree. Mr Ruebent professionally answered my question as well as you have. 
sure addyson815 didn't answer your question like Ruebent did but was it right for you to be so mean on your reply to that member ?    

Sometimes you you just have to go with the flow and don't get all bent out of shape on a reply.   It's not the end of the world 
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