I have just bought a used Well Tempered Classic

Hello friends
I have just bought a used Well Tempered Labs Classic, fom here in Australia, It has a upgraded Litz cable from arm, and a Marigo Audio, upgrade for arm cup, all in Imact condition, very rare for down here, My old poor classic can now rest in a box, if I need spare parts!!
1. Is there any more upgrades, that are still avaiable, or maybe second hand e.g Marigo Audio platter upgrade?, also I rember years ago there was some sort of tape, for the tonearm??
Can someone recomend a High output MM cartridge, that will suit the thin arm, I have been out of action, with turntables for 15 years, but wish to start again!!
Many Thanks
David Spry
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If you want to be overwhelmed with ideas for a good MM cartridge (nearly all of them are "high output"), check out the "Who needs MC cartridges when we have MM thread", with over 11,000 posts. But before you buy one, be sure that the tonearm truly has a low effective mass. A thin tube does not always mean low mass. Plus also, IMO, the major problem with WT tonearms is over-damping. I would turn down the damping as much as possible for a high compliance cartridge in that tonearm.
Here is a link to the thread that Lewm was referring to.
Thanks to all above?
I will take the well tempered Classic, from the owner, in a few days
It is in great condition, with a Maigo upgrade to the TT cup, can someone help with the fowllow
I need to buy a cartridge, but have hered of a conpliance, for the cartridge, I was thinking Grado MM Platium?, because I did not think, that this was important?? Can someone recomend, a good MM cartridge, that suites this arm??
also I do believe, there are, upgrades and tweakes for the above, like a Maigo upgrade platter system??
Also I have seen many years ago, a turntable arm wrap, or heat shrink, do further damp the tonearm?. Also will the well lab reference, record clamp, is better than the standered??, any way any suggestions for a better outcome, would be much appriacted,
Many Thanks
David Spry
Thanks People, I have just taken possesion of the above!!
I was assured it will be packed and sent by people, that pack very precise I.T equip, guess what it arrived, with broken arm cup, a nastiy scratch where the cup(with Mariogo upgrade) came off and a bent arm, I have a old classic, but the tone arm, has a broken lead and one of the clips have partered way, now I have Two Classics, am trying to swap over, between both, but seems the two will not get together, I have advertised on audiogon, for a replacement arm but to no avail.(anyone got one or spare sparts)
The oringial well tempered, needs rewiring, and the oringial, adjustments are theared, so cant adust settings, the new arm is bent but has been rewired with Cardis litz, I cant believe my bad luck, any suggestions?
David Spry