I have had the ADD Powr Wizard in my system for a couple of weeks and I'm impressed

The audio writer's conundrum: How do you find the right words to describe sound? It's not easy. It's like trying to describe a color. You will get a sense of it but in order to really get it you have to hear it. We have all read many audio writer's attempts to do so with varying degrees of success. What does the writer wish to convey about how a particular component sounds? And more problematically, how does that get put into words?   Here is the bottom line for me- how strong is the emotional impact of the sound when I listen to the equipment? That is it. And of course that can not be separated from the companion question- How strong is the emotional impact of the music? One reason that this hobby is so amazing is that these questions are two sides of the same coin and complement each other beautifully. Collecting fine (and well recorded) music is a great hobby in and of itself. Couple it, however, with the equally enjoyable hobby of component swapping and tweeking and you have a match made in heaven. It's like what happened when John met Paul.
All of which brings me to this review of the ADD Powr Wizard. What I keep returning to over and over again with this thing plugged into a nearby outlet is how intense my emotional connection to the sound and the music is. To use a well worn audio writer cliche, It's like I'm listening to my collection for the first time and hearing things I never heard before. But it is so much more than that. It's not just that I am hearing more of what is on the record it is that I am hearing more of what the artists on the record are intending to create with their music. The ADD Wizard allows me to do this more completely than any other addition to my system over the last 10 years. It lets me fully relax into the music. With all my other tweeks, at least the good ones, the ones that work, I was able to get a better sense of space and detail each time I added one. The benefit of the Wizard is on a different plane than that. Yes it adds to the sense of space and detail in the sound, but it also creates a stronger impression about the music itself. It's a feeling of being one with the music. Hard to describe but very powerful!
You will have to read the literature to get a sense of what ADD Powr is doing with its algorithms and how they are being applied to the household electric circuit in order to filter out the audio nasties so that the music can come shining through in all its glory . That part of the review is way above my pay grade.  I would love to be able to understand that. But hey that's what makes tweeks so much fun. The fact that you may not understand the electronic or physics of it doesn't mean that you are not hearing amazing things from it. And in the case of the ADD Powr Wizard what I am hearing just makes me smile.

@marc777 Which QSA fuse do you have in your Wizard? I have the blue at the moment but have contemplated trying an SR purple or QSA violet.


I have a QSA violet in everything else and it’s been a nice addition to each component I’ve put it in.

t_ramey, i have one of Bill's new Symphony Pros and a Sorcer x2, besides 2 of the qx-4s,a Qv2 and a QK1that Bill designed for Nordost. In another post i mistakenly called the Symphony Pro i have  a Wizard. Since my stereo has only 1 fuse and that is in the Sorcer i got a Red/Black from Mike at 30% off on one he had  returned to him. I know how Gollum felt with his precious!

I looked back and saw where Bill had answered an email to me about the cover,it will follow for anyone interested, marc

Hello Marc,
The plastic cover will allow additional transparency and air to the high frequencies to the resonance process.
This is primarily in regard to the internal antenna coils and effective field propagation into the environment.
No, the dark color has only aesthetic significance.
Yes, Mike has shared this and his very favorable observations with the QSA fuses.
Coherence Systems
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 Hey Bill, Is there an advantage replacing metal cover with plastic one? Is there any reason it is dark instead of more clear, other than for looks? marc brown PS I mentioned to Mike at Tweek Geek had he tried a QSA fuse in his Sorcer? He then tried one and said it made the Sorcer multiple times better. I have one coming to see for myself.