I have gone insane, need help

I just started into vinyl this summer, and have gone completely insane with tables. Need some help and advice on thinning the herd as I am just flat running out of space. Would love to have an idea on which ones you would recommend keeping and why.

Here is the list:

Linn Lingo LP 12 cirkus model with trapmolinn and Ekos arm

Yamaha PF-800, actually have two of them

Yamaha PX-3

Thorens TD 124, thing is new in box with wood grado arm

Thorens TD 160 super, completely redone by tubeaudioproducts

Thorens TD 165 kinda beat

Thorens TD 165 with arm lift, really great shape

Dual 1229 nearly mint, it was another NOS

Technics SL 1200 Mk 1

couple other little toyish ones not worth saying

These are all the ones I currently possess
I would keep the Thorens TD 124. That thing is ugly looking, but seems to sound marvelous (with the right plinth + calibration).

hopefully you've got a few records. keep em all. the 160 'super' is the over achiever in the group, but all are keepers.
Ha Jaybo, that was what I was thinking (keep em all), except I can barely reach my equipment to turn anything on and off. I was debating on selling the Linn and keeping the rest.

Heck I forgot one, a Rega R3
Personally I think you don't have enough LOL. To be honest, no one on the Gon can tell you what to keep or sell. You will know that on your own, has you listen.
At the risk of stating the obvious, I would keep the one(s) that you like the best.

Forget the turntables and take the Gixxer for a long ride.

And keep the Linn, dump the others.
If they were mine I would keep the Linn and 124 and sell the rest.
The first step is admitting you have a problem......

OK, so now on to step two: What to do about it?

I would recommend selling the ones that will net the most return on your "investment" without deminishing your listening pleasure. In other words, sell the most expensive ones that you don't think are the best.....


it depends on what music you listen to.if you listen to classical or jazz from the 50s and 60s,then keep the thorens 124,buy a decent 12" tonearm, with mono and stereo cartridges and seel the rest ,its all crap,(including the linn!).
I'm looking for a good inexpensive (i.e., limited funds at the moment) turntable to start listening to vinyl - mostly jazz, classical - so why don't I give one of your turntables a foster home!
Sell all of them and get a VPI or Basis. Even the Clearaudio would be a good choice or Marantz. This would simplify your storage space...jallen
You need more!!! Cool, or you could do what Jallen said and sell them all and buy a VPI, Clearaudio, or Project with a nice cartridge. Buy you should just get more rack space.
Would you like to sell the Thorens? I'm interested.

I am curious about which one you like the best. Other than that I'd go VPI.
Here's my* biased opinion. Keep one or 2 of YOUR favorites. Sell the rest. Keep in mind you may not get as much $ as you think they are worth, especially the cheaper, crappier ones.
Then, buy a Lenco for a DIY plinth project, or buy one of mine (*bias). If you are deeply into vinyl, the Lenco will will destroy everything in your stable.
With all those tables, it looks like you have the experience to set up a Lenco and get outstanding, musical results.
Also, keep one or 2 of the best arms and you can experiment. The Lenco plinth is ideal for arm/cart changing.
Regain your sanity. Get a Lenco. Then you will be a mere lunatic.
The TD 124 is an absolute classic if in good shape. If serial number>25000 you can replace parts by yourself , otherwise send it to Shopper and you will have one of the nicest sounding turntable existing.
"its all crap,(including the linn!)."

Channel10, this is a ridiculous statement.
"If it's nay Scottish, it's crap".
Come on, Thorens TD 124 or Dual 1229. You can't go wrong with either. Let me know when you get the counterweight for the Dual.
I have heard most of of the tables you are looking at. I think the Linn is the table to have if it's in your budget. The other tables should cost much less with the exception of the Thorens 124. I'm not personally sold on the rim drive method of the Thorens 124 but there is a new following of that technology. I have a manufacturing friend that tells me I really need to give the rim drive another listen because the idler wheels that are available now are better than technology 50+ years ago. That table with an SME 3009 was a very good combo in it's day and is today but will it beat out the Linn? Hmmm. I believe in the suspension tables. Almost all the other tables you have on the list are direct drive tables for hard suspension belt drives. I think they are very good but they are more mid fi with a couple exceptions like the TD 160 which can sound really good with the stock arm and right cartridge.

I like tables with a 3 or 4 point suspension. Yes, it shakes for a few moments after I set the arm down but it only last about 2 to 5 seconds if that long and it is more silent than the tables I have listend to without suspensions. I enjoyed my Sota Sapphire I owned during the 80's. You could literally take your fist and hit it on the sides and the needle wouldn't miss a beat. Try that on todays non suspended tables. I think the Linn if set up properly will yield the best soundstage, depth and presentation. Second the Thorens then the Thorens TD 160, 165, and so on.
IMHO, if you go Linn you need to consider the Naim Audio mod's for it. My Linn LP12 now sounds its best with a Naim Armegeddon power supply and Naim Aro tonearm; much better than the Lingo/Ekos configuration. At this point, my Lp12 is the last thing that will change in my system. Good luck!
You should go into Rehab to tame down this addiction of yours. I'll send you a link where you can sign up. Be sure to pick the second batch so we can meet there.

Seriously speaking, Since you give credit to the design philosophies involved and If these were mine I could trim it down to 3.

1. suspended: linn or thorens 160 series
2. Direct drive: technics 1200
3. Rim/idler drive: thorens 124

Time will come when you know which one you can let go.
For some insight on the Thorens TD124, go to Stereophiles website and do a search for Art Dudley's columns on his meticulous restoration of a TD124. He certainly didn't start with NOS in the box, yet he has abandoned all his previous TTs in favor of it. YMMV of course, but the articles are informative and enlightening just the same.

I concur with the idea of keeping this one and getting a good 12" arm for it.
Get the GSXR1000. You know you want it.
Ah, the GSXR encouragements are not helping, since I have wrecked a couple before, and the girlfriend is not liking the idea that I have been looking at a couple lately :). The hardest thing with the tables is that I like them all, they all have something about them that I really like. They are the most fun component I have.
l'd keep 'em even if i had to put afew in the closet...there isn't a dud in the bunch....sell off the linn and the rega if you must,,,the others are getting more and more scarce(especially in fine condition). you may be crazier than i am....maybe
Personally my favorite is the Td 160. In part because I am really impressed by the Thorens, and in part because it is the best looking one out of the group In my opinion. It is black with a mirror polished platter, and unfortunately I hear with my eyes more than I probably should. I am going to try and use the same arm on a few of the tables to see which one truly sounds the best. At this point my analysis is highly flawed as they all use different arms and cartridges.