I Have Decided To....

purchase a used Rega Planet CDP to bridge the gap until this whole SACD/DVD-A issue settles down. My newest question is can anyone recommend an interconnect that won't break the bank but will bring out the best in this CDP. As always, thanks.
I used Audioquest Opal x3 with good results. Later, I went to TARA Labs Master Gen 2, which worked a bit better, with a larger soundstage, but just barely not as accurate, perhaps a bit more foreward. Next, I used Audioquest Lapisx3, which is even better, smooth smooth smooth with detail galore, all without "sounding" like anything. Lastly, the Audioquest Diamond x3, which is simply amazing, more bass than Lapis x3, possibly more speed, just a hair less laid back, and tonally on the money.
Check out the Coincident Speaker Technology IC. Very good for the money (< $300 retail). Goodluck
Kimber Silver Streak is supposed to be a good match with the Planet.
The Planet I used to own sounded good in my system with both a late version of the AQ Diamond X3 and Harmonic Tech Truthlink interconnects. It has been awhile, but I seem to recall that the later version of the Diamond's mids were smooth and had a nice warmth, whereas, the HT was more extended on top and presented a larger soundstage. Also, I had the stock power cord removed and an IEC jack installed, which allowed for a very nice improvement using various powercords.
I started with the Kimber Silver Streaks with the Rega Planet 2000, and they were TOO bright, and over enhanced the already pronounced rythm and pace of the Rega. The Cardas Cross interconnect was a perfect match.