I have aquired a Luxman TP117 and I can not

set up the remot control stations how do I do It before I throw the unit into the garbage?
I just bought a TP-117 without the remote. I'm attempting to program a univeral remote to control it.
If you have the remote, I would like to use a smart univeral to copy its code.
If you do not have the remote, and need the code, I will be happy to share mine with you when I develop it.

I don't have the TP-117 manual, but I understand the unit will control other specially built Luxman components via DIN cables. The DIN cables can be reproduced.

The TP-117 has the legendary T-117 tuner and originally cost $1,280. I believe it is worth the trouble of getting it to work.

I have a Luxman TP-117 manual and can make a copy for you if you still want it.

I too have a TP-117 and I'm quite pleased with it. I would look into buying an old radio shack remote with the radioshack 166 code programed into it for luxman tuner/recievers, they should all work with it. Go to their website and search support for remotes and then access the manuals and look for that code. I don't think any of the new 4 digit ones will work but you can get most of the old units on Ebay sooner or later. Why do you believe that the TP-117 has the T-117 tuner in it, are you sure? My TP-117 tuner is great but the manual doesn't mention that relationship.
I have one without a remote, which turns on and all, so I'm wondering if I can get it to work.
I, to, have heard that the TP-117 has the T-117 tuner in it. I wouldn't doubt that it does as it cost $1200 new and the tuner was $600. The R-117 receiver was only $1000. Based on pricing I would think the TP-117 has the T-117 tuner in it. I have the T-117 and once I receive the TP-117 I just purchased I will do some A/B listening. Hopefully, my ear will be able to tell if there are any differences. This should be an extremely easy A/B to do. Will simply get to switch back and forth between the TP-117 tuner and T-117 and see if there are any noticeable sonic differences.
how about your result
I have a TP-117 and two working remotes. What I don't
have are the RC-501 sensors that let the remotes talk to
the "system 2" preamplifier. Any ideas?