I have an Ultech ucd-100 and want to upgrade?

Hi - My cdp is pretty good, but I want to upgrade. My wife won't let me spend too much extra money. I was thinking about a Adcom GCD-750 because it has balanced outs. This would maybe sound better since I have my Proceed pre and my Classe' amp connected with balanced cables. Please help!! Oh by the way I really like Hdcd.
Thanks Jim
Get you the new Kora DAC,at $1500.00.
your Ultech is 10x the transport that the adcom is. The Adcom is rather dull. The transport is sourced from CEC and is of high qulity. You may want to think about having Dan Wright of modwright maximise the digital outpu and then adding on of is modified Perpetual Technologies P3A. Your hdcds will sound so much better on this then any affordable hdcd player. There are much better filters for all cds now than the hdcd chip which is why it isn't used all that much anymore. If you really want to here high resolution than SACD is the only way to go.