I have an NAD C370 integrated and a NAD 2400 amp.

How should I hook up my system? Should I bridge both of them? I have a pair of B&W 303 and a Definitive Technology subwoofer. How should I arrange the set up of everything? Thanks for any help.
I have the C-370 also, Guess you could bidge them if you want even MORE power, but for me the 370 is PLENTY for my JBL ND310's dual 10" 3 way.

Happy listening
That's a nice biamp case: integrated coupled with power-amp.
smaller power amp goes to upper binding posts and bigger goes onto the bottom. You can control the volume with an integrated amplifier.
I'm not any good with sub setups(only meatball supreme one at Pizza Hut)
Marakanetz: Are the 303 bi-wire? The 302s are not. I would just use the C370. The 303s are very efficient. Sell the 2400 and add more music to your library.