I have an Bose Acoustimass 15 Home Theater System

I have an Bose Acoustimass 15 Home Theater System.... The problem is I don't have the receiver. I need to find one that is compatible and that will push enough OHM to the system...I read 4-8. Any suggestions would be great, google is not giving me much!!
Assuming your question is legit --
I am no expert on Bose products, but a quick internet search told me that you have a 5.1 system with a powered subwoofer.

The unpowered small speakers are nominally 8 ohms and the recommended amplifier power is 10 watts. This suggests that your system is compatible with almost all 5.1 home theater receivers.

The limiting factor in your audio fidelity is likely to be your Bose system, so you may choose not to spend a lot on the other components unless you think you might upgrade later.

I am really not familiar with the specific receivers available in your target range.  Perhaps some other members might recommend specific receivers that they think you will like.

Good luck.
I could be mistaken but I thought the Acoustimass system was powered through the subwoofer box, and that all it needed was a preamp, or source with a volume control.
Jameswei...Thank you for the info!
If that's the case that would be great!