I have an Art Audio Jota that needs work...

After 13 or more years of flawless service it now puts out an odor I associate with an electrical fire. I am trying to find someone to service it and having no luck with the manufacturer. I am in Baltimore, MD. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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Try Bill Thalmann of Musical Technology in Reston VA he is one of the very best techs for tubed gear.


And good luck with your amp!
Thanks for the tip, jond. I can drive it over.
If that diesnot work, try DejaVu Audio in McLean, VA
Thanks gsm, I'm headed south today.
If you can, please post a follow-up when you get to the bottom of this. I have a pair of AA Jota monos, which I've used for roughly the same amount of time as you, and would be very curious what could go wrong to cause what you describe. Thanks!
The amp is fairly simple and so should be easy to service. Anyone familiar with tubes should be able to sort it out.
kgallagh, The tech was backed up with a lot of work so getting it back may take time but I'll let you know when I get it back.
Hopefully this was resolved but if you ever have any further issues with your Jota, let me know.  I am the new US importer for Art Audio and we have an approved service center in Ann Arbor.