I have a Theta Miles CD player and need a ramote..

I have a Theta Miles CD player and need a remote. The Miles was made from the Pioneer Elite. Can anyone recommend a universal remote control that handles Theta Audio? The Miles still pays but volume can only be controlled with remote control. A hindsight in design.
I have used the logitech harmony remotes on Theta's
Hi Zeal, the brand I would recommend is called "universal remote control" and they make the RF-10, RF-20 and RF-30 remotes. You can go to their site and scope out their owner manuals and you will see that they all do indeed contain Theta pesets. These remotes also learn. "RF" stands for radio frequency which means they transmit radio signals and infrared at the same time. That's so that you can buy a separate module that you can put in a closed AV cabinet (or in another room or whatever) and the signal passes through without a line of sight. I use the RF-20 that was bundled with the RF module that way as a system remote and it works great for me, no more aiming the remote. These days, the RF-10 and the RF-20 seem to be going for around the same price even though the RF-20 lists at a higher price and has more features...go figure. The RF-20 by itself can be had, I think, at B&H photo for about $45, before shipping. Regards.
Thanks my fellow Audiophiles. Went down to the Staples and bought the cheapest Universal remote I could find. One of the Pioneer codes worked. Thanks again for your input.